Sex Squad

I spent part of my morning today playing Adventures in Sex City, The Sex Squad, a new on line game approved for use by Thames Valley District School Board. Say what?! There has been much written on line and many Mommybloggers are fetching blistering comments regarding this new sex ed tool. I can see why after spending even just a few moments playing the game. In this graphic novel style game a bad guy The Sperminator tries to shoot sperm at other characters who answer trivia questions. I chose the virginal Wonder Vag as my character and immediately could see why the Middesex-London Health Unit created the game. Clearly it is intended as a tool to reach a younger demographic and educate them on the perils of unprotected sex. And that’s not a bad thing at all in my opinion. It is a colourful, kind of fun, and educational tool. It is simply the execution of the game that is a bit questionable and needs some work. First off Sperminator has penises for arms and shoots sperm. Obviously I think this might have been handled a bit differently. He shoots sperm at girls generally who must defend themselves by answering trivia questions and when they get a question wrong – I am not embarassed to tell you I got a question wrong – well then they are hit. The more questions you get that are right, the less energy Sperminator has and you are able to shrink him back to normal size if you win. So when my character was hit by the Sperminator she uttered also: “Ugh, right in the face.” Distasteful?! Umm, yes more than a bit. Apparently this project was undertaken with a series of youth focus groups, some of whom were Catholic and some of whom were not. The cartoon feel makes sense and the information is relevant. I believe personally the concept is clever, but the execution of it needs work. In the end is it the way I would want my children to get their sex education information, No. But am I foolish enough to assume everyone out there thinks the same as I do. Again, No.

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