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Sick days and Parenting

Why is it that as soon as you call in sick to your child’s school she makes a miraculous recovery almost instantly and starts bopping around the house looking for craft projects?

Sick Days

This morning Payton woke up looking rather green and I caved so that is why I now have two little girls dancing around my living room making paper dolls and snowflakes and generally leaving a big mess of paper confetti everywhere.

Well it’s better than the time they tried to make baking soda volcanoes in kitchen with eggs. So happy to have sick child home ( at right. ps. look how ill she clearly is here in pic taken only moments ago. )

Sick days are sometimes hard to read with this girl. If I have to, I  temporarily barricade myself in own bedroom to chat on cell phone with The Motherhood friends.

Anyways life is good and cannot wait for summer to come. Can you hear the sarcasm? And then they surprise me with their brilliance.

Food on a Stick is Always Fun

On a day when I am thinking warmed up pizza or Kraft Dinner are as good as lunch will get, I hear the pitter patter of tiny feet upstairs sneaking into cupboards. And thinking I will sneak up on little perp tiptoe up the stairs to see Payton, sweet adorable lovely beautiful gifted child, making healthy lunch fruitkabobs.

When Sick Days Aren’t Bad at All

Maybe there is a reason I kept her home after all. Maybe Sick days aren’t so bad after all. Now if only I could teach her to do the laundry and homeschool her sister I’d be able to finish the book I am trying to write.

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  • Party MOMster

    I’m following you! I love the inside track on deals. Plus, anyone that has a kid that makes Fruitkabobs on their own is someone I can learn from!! Hey, how do you make baking soda volcanoes? We have already started our summer vacation. That looks like a great things to try OUTSIDE ­čÖé