Simplify Travel with Park Sleep Fly Options

So many moving parts involved in planning a trip. Park Sleep Fly options can simplify your vacation, no matter who you are traveling with and it’s often an affordable option.

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Imagine planning a trip with multiple family members. Not only do you have to choose where to go and comparison shop for best prices and activities, but you need to book the flights, juggle the passports and snacks and negotiate all of the busy airport details. Then you drive to the airport hoping and planning for potential heavy traffic and bad weather. You hunt for a parking spot and hope you make it on time.

Why Use Park Sleep Fly?

Family travel can be intimidating, but it can also be extremely rewarding. We live a good two to three hours away from our nearest major airport. So, there’s always a drive and it is often in the winter months. We live in southern Ontario where the snow can start November 1 and continue on through all of March and sometimes April too. Often on leaving for the airport and also returning for home, we have landed or left in a snow or ice storm. That is NO FUN. White knuckle driving all the way home.

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The Airports

Most years, we have taken a family cruise in the dead of winter, so we have had some hairy adventures getting to the airport. We are fortunate in that we can leave from Detroit Metro Airport, Buffalo Airport, or Lester B. Pearson in Toronto. There are a few other tiny ones that are also options but are less likely to have Park Sleep Fly deals. It’s good to have options and we sometimes choose based on the price of the flights. Detroit and Buffalo can be cheaper, but it pays to do the currency conversion before you decide.

Many times we have used Park Sleep Fly options available in Detroit and also near the Buffalo airports. Why? Because arriving at the airport in the dead of winter and hoping that roads are not slick with ice or snow is not always the smartest way to do things, especially if there’s a cruise ship waiting for you at the other end of that flight. When I am planning for our one big family vacation a year and I have invested a lot of time and money in the getaway, then I don’t ever want anything interfering with take off and landing.

As a travel writer and journalist sometimes I am given hardly any notice and need to be at the airport fast. Other times, international travel is involved and the trip is dramatic and frankly this was a clear business trip, so I couldn’t afford to mess it up. My flight was first thing in the morning meaning I needed to be there for 4 a.m., so the Park Sleep Fly option involved a stay at a hotel very close to the airport. That was a huge sanity saver for me.

Park Sleep Fly lets you park affordably and safely, which gives me peace of mind knowing my van is near the airport and parked somewhere that is not going to get me a ticket or a tow. This option also means that I know I will arrive on time for my flight, get a good night sleep before (hopefully, although not a guarantee) and also it simplifies things for me knowing that I don’t have extra bills or charges.

Convenience of Park Sleep Fly

The Park Sleep Fly option typically means I pay once for all three services. Also the parking lot is always close to the airport and I love that it always has a convenient shuttle, 24 hours a day typically. Rarely is there much waiting involved.

You can’t beat the convenience of Park Sleep Fly packages for all sorts of travel. You can find Buffalo Airports here – > Buffalo Airport Hotels with Park and Fly Packages.

Packages at Buffalo Airport start at $135 plus taxes. That includes the night before a trip or the night after, plus parking and a shuttle to the airport. That actually makes this one of the most affordable options going!

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