Super Bowl Cooking and the Pyramid Pan

Just in time for the Super Bowl cooking season, the Pyramid Pan has arrived to elevate your food game. The Pyramid Pan is unlike anything you’ve ever used before in the oven. It’s a healthy way to cut back on grease and will also help you keep those New Year’s resolutions to eat well and stay fit.

I have one Pyramid Pan to give away to a lucky reader. Follow the instructions at the end of this post to win.


Elevate Your Cooking Game

This year at Super Bowl time when TV and couch potato status reigns supreme at your house and the urge to entertain takes over you have a tool to help with Pyramid Pan. I was sent one of these two weeks ago and I’m starting to use it for the chicken that we cook in our house. If you place it on your cooking sheet the grease drips down, the food is elevated and it remains crisp.

So, your meat or potatoes or whatever you choose sits above the grease, not in it. It’s a perfect helper for chicken wings, onion rings, chicken legs, pizza, meatballs and other appetizers you might create and serve.

So What is This Thing?

Pyramid Pan is a clever cooking mat with a pretty memorable name. It’s made with superior grade silicone and topped with 556 mini pyramids (no I didn’t count them. I don’t have time for that.) The gadget elevates your food as it cooks and sits it up above the grease and fat. The nonstick Pyramid Pan acts as a convection oven, allowing heated air to circulate under and around food keeping the texture and crispness intact or enhanced, but allowing foods to lock in juice while cooking evenly. 


 It’s a cleaner, more efficient and effective cooking process. The Pyramid Pan is BPA-free and safe for cooking. Chicken I have cooked on the pan cooks evenly with less need for turning and the mat easily accommodated higher oven settings (up to 425 degrees).  This microwave or oven-safe tool is also well-suited for fresh or frozen meals. It’s flexible, dishwasher-safe, and MOST Importantly Pyramid Pan mat rolls up tightly for easy storage. We all know how important space is in our kitchen. 

Crispier Food

You can also use the Pyramid Pan for quick crisping of leftover pizza without the soggy mess when heated in a microwave. It sells for about $20. This prize is worth about $29 with shipping and handling costs. 


Disclosure: I was given one of these to test out and one to give away. 


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