Swiss Chalet’s Convenient On Line Delivery and a Chance to Win With Everything Mom

Deep in the throws of cold and flu season here at the Schuck casa and let’s just say Mommy hasn’t had time to cook or shop or, you know, attend to anything other than getting the family well again. But we still have to eat, right? So what’s a smart, savvy, and thrifty Mom to do? Well, here’s a thought: Swiss Chalet On Line delivery. Last week Everything Mom offered me the chance to review the Swiss Chalet On Line delivery process and to comment on my blog. So last night, I clicked on and got started. The process is simple. If you haven’t got your address registered yet, then you may wish to take a look now and set your account up so that it’s even simpler when you are in a hurry. The timing was right this month as February carries a couple of amazing deals at the popular family friendly restaurant. First the chicken and shrimp deal is on right now and I love that meal. So I chose one of those from the entrees and then I chose my husband’s regular meal of a quarter chicken. Often we get the family deal with a whole chicken and various side dishes. It’s extremely economical that way. But last night we opted to get the kids some fun children’s meals: there are three choices mini chicken sandwiches, hamburgers and chicken fingers. Until the end of February, when you order a child’s meal you get a free $10 gift card to Toys ‘R Us redeemable when you spend $40 at the toy store. So that is an extra bonus. Last night the on line delivery was fast and the food was really fresh. Not so with some other delivery processes, so I was really pleased with that. Everything was included and nothing was forgotten which often happens with other deliveries and even regular takeout from time to time here. Nothing frustrates me more. When you call up the Swiss Chalet on line delivery system, it gives you one of two options immediately. The first screen asks you how you would like to receive your order: Delivery or Call Ahead Take Out. You can also specify a time in the future and place your order for 6 p.m. in the morning when you have a chance. I have a couple of comments about that though. First of all this was a useful service when my brother last summer ordered and sent Swiss Chalet to my Mom recuperating from illness and living on her own several cities away from us. So that is a nice feature. But for me last night I changed my mind a couple of times. I was clicking on set the time for 7 p.m. and then I changed my mind and it was a bit tricky trying to fix that. Maybe it was just me but I think there should be a way to erase the time if you make and error and/or backtrack and change the time if needed. There are options to pick a group order or an individual order. That makes sense because there is more work entailed in getting a monster group order ready and the process takes longer. The site also asks you where do you want this delivered – to your home or office building. Then pick what you want. The site actually quotes when you can expect your meal to arrive. Nice touch. Ours was about five minutes early. There are a few reasons why I like Swiss Chalet to start with. It’s nutritious food and it’s convenient. Also they maintain a strict allergy  and nutrition policy. It’s even right there on the web site as you are ordering through on line delivery. You can click and find out which meals are heart healthy and so on. We often order Swiss Chalet when my niece and nephew are here and they have severe peanut allergies. I know that I can trust Swiss Chalet not to put them in jeopardy. If they say there’s nothing harmful in the food that would trigger a reaction, then I can trust them. So what was missing from the process? I can’t find a lot of fault here really. I think the food met most of my criteria and the service was really good. In general I might add that I wish their containers were recognized as recyclable everywhere and that might be an area of improvement for the company. I know here in London, Ontario, even if you have a big party as we did in the summer with Swiss Chalet the recycling company refuses to take these containers and they always throw them back. That left us with a lot of waste unfortunately.

There will be an online chat on EverythingMom talking about family meals and family time.
Everyone who participates in the chat has a chance of winning 1 of 2 $50 eGift Cards to Swiss Chalet.
Cara foods provided me with a free e-gift card to pay for this meal. This post is part of the Everything Mom influencer program and the free meal in no way altered my honest opinion of Swiss Chalet On Line delivery.

I give this a $$$$ out of $$$$$

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