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    Amazing Hummingbird Facts

    Hummingbird facts are remarkable when you begin reading them. Hummingbirds may be small, but they’re mighty. These little creatures are nature’s Energizer Bunnies. Read on for some interesting hummingbird facts that you probably didn’t know. Hummingbird Facts That Astound Hummingbirds are amazing creatures. These tiniest of birds have amazing strength when you think about it. What other winged creature can flap its wings so fast? What other winged creature can move so fast in relation to its size? These humming bird facts are nothing less than amazing. Tiny Acrobats One of the most amazing hummingbird facts is the way that they fly. Did you know that a hummingbird can flap its…

  • coral_world

    A Day at Coral World in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

    This past year we took a cruise aboard the massive Norwegian Escape and it was wonderful. We are huge cruising fans and enjoy that type of family travel. One of the reasons I opted for this particular cruise this time around was the fact that we would stop in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. We had one day to spend there, which was not enough, but it was a taste. St. Thomas Port of Call St. Thomas is a gorgeous port of call. So what is there to do if you have a stop in St. Thomas with children? Well, we spent our day with the kids at Coral World.…