Happy Easter Tarts


Easy to make Easter tarts

It’s Easter and my kids are back in the kitchen, helping me cook. I know, it’s been a couple of weeks but here we are with our latest creation. Lime Meringue Easter Tarts.
Nothing says Easter like citrus flavours, pastels and delicious tasty treats like jelly beans. So I thought I’d create a little love with Tenderflake Tart shells. They make baking easy. And baking makes most of us happy so therefore Tenderflake makes us happy.
I wanted to make something super tasty and special for Easter with these Tenderflake tart shells, so I improvised. I really wanted the citrus flavours in there this time and I intended to make meringue, but I also wanted some jelly beans on top for colour. So I decided to concoct my own fun version of Easter tarts. Happy to say that with the help of TenderfakePie this was a snap. With a few minor modifications you could also turn this into a pie. I enjoy the small size of tarts and they are just right for kid’s hands.
So start with the Pie tart shells and bake for 10 minutes on low as indicated by the package.
Lime filling requires:
1/4 pound unsalted butter and 1 1/2 cups of sugar plus 1/2 cup of lime juice.
A dash of salt and 4 eggs.
Combine the butter and sugar in a blender.
Slowly add the rest and cook on low with constant stirring. It will thicken up nicely. Remove from the heat and set aside. (or go buy one of those packaged lime pie fillings and follow the instructions.) I won’t judge you.
For the meringue I took three egg whites and blended them slowly, adding in 30 mgs of white sugar per egg white, so 90 mgs here was plenty. (Meringue is often a challenge, even the hint of yolk sometimes messes the recipe up.) This time my meringue took forever. I honestly beat that mess of egg whites and sugar for about 10 minutes to get stiff peaks to form on top.
Spoon it onto each tart and top with 2-3 mini marshmallows.
Bake for about five to 10 minutes at 325 degrees. Keep your eye on them. You want the marshmallows toasted light brown.
After you remove from the oven decorate however you want. Top with sprinkles, jelly beans, as we did here, or sweet Easter candies. Get the kids involved in the baking and the decorating. Even little ones at 2 can throw sprinkles on top and take pride in their work.
And bake some magic! For more ideas head over to Facebook where TenderflakePie has some pretty great ideas for Easter too.

The finished product

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