The Cutest Baby Yoda Merchandise

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Baby Yoda. Baby Baby Yoda. Catchy, right? My kids are obsessed with that adorable little character. Honestly, I am too. Disney’s Mandalorian show on Disney Plus is a huge hit and frankly how can anyone miss all the memes? They are everywhere right now!

My favourite new jingle and character is Baby Yoda. So, I figured I’d offer up a roundup of the best and cutest Baby Yoda merchandise I could find. You are welcome.

Baby Yoda Merchandise

Silly Goose Valentines Day Cards – Baby Yoda

Valentines Coffee Mug Gift – Brew You Will Make Me

Coffee Mug

Coffee I NEED – Coffee House Style Mug

Baby Yoda for President 2020

Poster Book – Star Wars Mandalorian Book

Adorable Baby Yoda Toys and Puzzles

Baby Yoda Jigsaw Puzzle

Stuffed Baby Yoda Toy

Yoda Plush Toy

Plush Toy Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda Plush Ages 3 and Up

Yoda Plushed Toy

Itty Bitty Star Wars Baby Yoda

Star Wars Lego – Yoda

Millennial Falcon Star Wars Lego – Just Because it is AMAZING

Tiny stuffed Yoda

Technology and Geek Gifts

Popsockets – Baby Yoda

Popsockets – Pop Grip Star Wars The Child.

Stickers – Mandalorian.

More Popsockets for your Phone

Badge Reel – Baby Yoda

Star Wars Baby Yoda Clothing and Other Apparel

Pink Bubble Letters Mandalorian Sweatshirt

V-Neck Baby Yoda Women’s Shirt

Floating Pod Mandalorian T-shirt

Character Grid Mandalorian T-Shirt

Star Wars Long Sleeved Shirt

Force Sensitive – The Child Sweatshirt

100 % cotton Baby Yoda T-shirt

Sweatshirt Baby Yoda Sketch

Disney Star Wars Mandalorian T-Shirt – Cute

Nap Time – Star Wars Mandalorian T-Shirt

Pyjama Pants – Mandalorian

This is My Good Side – T-Shirt

When Your Song Comes On

The Child Cartoon Poses

Mandalorian Star Wars Rainbow shirt

Gorgeous Black Star Wars Sweatshirt

Artistic – The Child Painting T-Shirt

Cartoon Panels – the Mandalorian Baseball T-Shirt

The Mandalorian Child Retro T-Shirt

Snack Time Raglan Baseball T-Shirt

Power Nap T-Shirt

The Child T-Shirt The Mandalorian Discovery

All The Hoodies!

Rainbow Chest Lines Pullover Hoodie

Bassinet Pullover Hoodie

Grey Protect Attack and Snack Hoodie Baby Yoda Hoodie

Adorable Star Wars The Mandalorian First Memories T-Shirt

Child Portrait Pullover Hoodie UNISEX

The Child Portrait Hoodie above – simple and unisex

Unisex Precious Cargo Hoodie

Child Black and Grey Portrait Hoodie

Simple Portrait Pullover Hoodie

More Shirts

Baseball T-Shirt – The Mandalorian

My Child Can Levitate Your Child T-Shirt

Star Wars Mandalorian Cute Sweatshirt

Cute Mandalorian Sweatshirt in Blue

Star Wars Yoda The Child Sweatshirt Grey

Unrelated, sort of, not Baby Yoda, BUT Amazing Star Wars The Fallen Order XBOX Video Game

Infant Apparel

Too Cute I Am – Baby Onesies and More

NEWBORN infant Photo Props – Crocheted Light Saber and Baby Yoda Hat

AWWW!! Newborn Baby Photo Prop Hat

Handmade Knit Baby Yoda Hat

Yoda For the Home and Office


Tervis Baby Yoda Tumbler Snack Attack Theme Stainless Steel

Mandalorian Stare Tumbler with Brown Lid and Wrap

Identical to Above Tervis Tumbler but clear for drinks – not stainless steel

And Tervis Clear 30 OZ Tumbler

Tervis Tumbler Mandalorian Stare

Adorable Tervis Tumbler Baby Yoda Character Stainless Steel Insulated.

16 oz with Navy Lid Tervis Tumbler

3D Star Wars NightLight for Your Room – See Below Ad

Art and Wall Decals

16 Month Wall Calendar

Mandalorian Wall Poster Unframed

Advanced Baby Yoda Graphics for Wall

More Wall Art Featuring Baby Yoda

Roommates Star Wars The Mandalorian Gigantic Wall Decals

Wall Art Multiple Pieces to Hang – set of 6!!

Wall Hanging Baby Yoda

Blankets and Pillows

Baby Yoda Blanket featuring Three Images

Feed Me and Tell Me I’m Pretty – Baby Yoda Eating

Woven Tapestry Throw – Mandalorian

Yoda Blanket and Stuffed Toy

Throw Blanket – Mandalorian

Yo-da Blanket for Your Home

MicroFleece Blanket


Fun Baby Yoda Toys and Collectibles

Star Wars Baby Yoda Toy Star Wars The Child Toy The Mandalorian 6.5-Inch Posable Action Figure, Toys for Kids Ages 4 and Up

Silly Goose Bounty Hunter Unframed Art

Funko Pop Star Wars Baby Yoda

The Black Series Star Wars Collectible

Baby Star Wars Yoda outfit

Wall Art for the Nursery – Adore Me You Must etc..

And Random Related Merchandise:

10 piece stickers – Baby Yoda

Baby Alien Yoda Car Decals

Baby Yoda sticker for cars

Droid crochet hat for baby

Star Wars Baby Boy Outfits

Do you watch Baby Yoda yet? Or should I say the Mandalorian?

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