The First Federal Election 2011 Debate: Analysis of #db8

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I watched the whole debate last night and frankly as most of you already know there were no big sucker punches. A lot of disappointment really. There were a couple of quips worth noting and a whole lot of comical moments, especially when Federal NDP leader Jack Layton started dropping words like “Bling” and “Hashtag fail.” The best zingers of the debate for me were relating to crime and prisons and the CPC we’re not soft on crime approach that Green Party leader Elizabeth May repeatedly shut down on Twitter. Smartly trying to crash the party, she jumped in a bit late tweaking to the fact that the hashtag for last night’s debate was #db8. Some of her early tweets were lost out in the twitterverse because she sent them randomly. Last night she noted that there isn’t a criminologist in Canada who agrees that crime is going up. In fact it is going down so the politics of fear campaign that demands US style prisons be built here and money be funnelled in that direction, well that’s just a silly waste of money according to most. That was a smart point to make. Layton also got in a smart quip with the I don’t know why we are worried about prisons when all the criminals are in the senate remark. Ignatieff held his ground for the most part. I was watching the debate with my kids for a short time before they went to bed and frankly their comments were spot on sometimes. My little one commented at some point that Stephen Harper’s hair was odd. (Actually someone tweeted they wondered if he was using Donald Trump’s hairdresser.) and she asked also why the Prime Minister looked so sad. There was a very short period in the beginning of the debate where he did look a bit attacked. A very funny Ann Douglas tweeted: I hate it when he uses his I am holding a kitten voice. That got my vote for funniest tweet of the night. But midway through the debate, Harper totally gained confidence and took the reins back. My older girl watcher Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff and promptly said: “He may be the smartest man I have ever heard.” Stunningly accurate on that one too. But I worry that smart isn’t necessarily the Can’t recall what they said about Layton. Ignatieff got off a couple of excellent zingers about bickering and democracy. Dismissing his three opponents, Stephen Harper lashed out that all the others did ever was bicker. To that Ignatieff said: “This isn’t bickering. This is democracy.” Anyways, to me the real winner was Gilles Duceppe who strangely was trending throughout the world and another twitter user remarked Forget Quebec, the Bloc should focus on world domination. 

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