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The Good News/ Bad News Week and #Giveaways

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This was an oddball week. A dog’s breakfast really. My kitchen is done. Stay tuned for the reveal. It looks great. So Yay! I had a stager come and look at our house to see what needs to be done. Boo. Not suprisingly she loved the new kitchen. Yay. And hated everything else. Boo. Just kidding. She didn’t really say that. I mean she’d not have many clients if she did, right? So painting and decluttering has become my life. Yay! I mean Boo!

I had a pile of giveaways launched and a pile more coming next week. Yay! And I am getting a bit excited about Blissdom Canada. Yay. But it comes right as I am trying to pack up some stuff, clear off all the walls and rip wallpaper down. Boo. Is my head in the game? 100 %. But am I tired? – why yes, yes I am. Ainsley is in cross country and that’s a total yay! But her brain injury means she really truthfully cannot remember what day of the week it is on any given day, so she keeps missing it. Boo! I wrote it on her hand. A big R for running. In retrospect – I should have done something different there. She still forgot. Boo. We are currently working up a let’s go into the class presentation and talk to the kids about her disability. Maybe they can help her remember some things. Yay, I hope. Oh and did I mention Payton is getting ready to be a junior black belt candidate. That’s right. Both of our girls will soon be black belts. Total Yay! Except this one time this week when Payton lost it because Dad told her No to something and she punched him in the stomach. That was a tremendous Boo. Oh and Payton has a lovely new friend in her class – in grade seven. Yay! Remember how her two besties left the school last year. That was a Boo and she was sad for part of the summer speculating on who her friends would be at school this year and so forth.

Right around the end of the week I wrote a health post (to be published Monday on Blogher.com.) It’s about our doctor situation – ours closed his practice and well that has caused some drama for a family who has to have a doctor. So now I am syndicated there too. That’s a paid post. Up until they asked to publish this post I had no clue they paid for posts sometimes. Big Yay! Actually that was the highlight of my week. I will share that post this coming week. In the mean time, my friends. get entering those contests!! You can win with Posterjack here. You can win a series of books for girls called the Never Girls here. Have a fabulous weekend!

Planet Sock Monkey giveaway is here. Don’t forget to enter.

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