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Tria Beauty Series: Post 2 Adding a Routine

This is the Tria Beauty Home Laser Hair Removal device. I wrote about Tria last week and will continue to do so to demonstrate the results the product provides. Tria Beauty is a handheld unit that gives the same results you can get in a dermatologist’s office in your own home. So last week I set the device up and was impressed with the safety features and this week I have been all about getting into a routine so that I use the laser every day and will be better equipped to see results six or seven or eight weeks from now. Actually, now that I think about it that could be ideal timing for resort season. 
This is me, trying it on my legs. I think I have settled on a body part that can benefit from the Tria. I have fairly sensitive dry skin, so I am curious to see how my winter legs tolerate the laser. I have never used any hair removal system stronger or more sophisticated than a razor, so this is all brand new. I use the Tria Beauty Home Laser Hair Removal device every morning. It doesn’t take too long and is easy to unlock every morning. I just touch the sensor on the bottom to my arm when I want to start it to ensure that I have the right skin tone for the device. It doesn’t work on dark skin tones. 
Tria is the only FDA approved at home laser hair removal system. It is also an approved Canada medical device. It has an upgraded digital display and the exclusive new pulse counter lets you treat your face and body more confidently. I have been using this for one week now and so far I have found it safe and easy to use. I am feeling a bit more confident with the unit as time and practice permit. It can go as high as 100 on the monitor before the fan kicks in to cool it down. The fan isn’t overly loud and the heating activity isn’t very noticeable really, not enough to cause discomfort in any way.
Stay tuned for my next week’s post when I check in at the almost halfway mark of my trial period. Pay attention to this blog because at the end of the series I get to give a Tria Beauty Home Laser Hair Removal device away valued at $449. 
Disclosure: I received one of these devices to facilitate review. My opinion is all my own and 100 % honest.

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