Udi’s Gluten Free Products_ Review

Now, I am not gluten free. Not right now. I have been at various points in the past due to my health issues. And for a time my youngest child was gluten free also. While she didn’t have an allergy to gluten, we were trying the diet to see if she responded due to behavioral concerns at that time. 
Despite that disclaimer, I want you to know that I have dozens of friends and dozens of my friend’s children also who are gluten free – for a whole host of reasons. Some are required to be off all traces of gluten, because they are allergic. Others are intolerant to gluten, with a less extreme reaction when they eat gluten. And even a few are off it by choice, just because, although they have neither allergy, nor intolerance, there is something that makes them feel better about gluten free eating. It is often something they can’t quite put a finger on, but some say going off gluten makes them feel less bloated and others state that it makes them feel more energetic. 
Udi’s Gluten Free site knows that there are many, many different types of gluten free product lovers, and buyers. They even reference them on their home page, categorizing them in little groups such as gluten free because of doctor’s orders, health nut reasons, just off to college, professionals or just discovering. I love that. How smart. Gluten free is a lifestyle choice for some these days, as people search for healthy diets.
Udi’s Gluten Free foods are well known and respected in these circles of my friends. When @DownshiftingPOS popped by last week for a chat, she almost fainted: “Where did you get this?” “Their buns are so good,” she cooed. Lucky for her, I share.  

As we have already established I am a total sucker for packaging. Look at this great information on back of the Udi’s box. It suggests six other ways you can recycle the box.

All Udi’s foods are gluten free and high quality. I was expecting some bread, maybe buns. What I got was three batches of cookies that were eaten so fast I could hardly share any with my gluten free pals. The Snicker Doodles are incredible. (1 package of 8 oz. is $5 on the site)We are a cookie loving family, for better or worse, take it or leave it. I love fitness and healthy eating but cookies are a weakness. Anyways there were great snicker doodles and oatmeal raisin cookies as well as some brownie style bites. Each one of the cookies we sampled were great. They tasted incredible and weren’t overly dense or overly rich. Just right, really. (Here I think it is worth noting that I was gluten free for a period of several years back in my twenties due to Crohn’s disease. At that time what I was able to purchase at the health store was very limited. What I usually got was really dense, gritty product that although gluten free was not tasty at all.) Udis, is as far removed from that food that I used to eat as Pluto is from my living room.

We received several batches of hot dog buns and hamburger buns and put most of them to quick use. They were really fresh and ideal for us especially at this time of year. The only problem with fresh is that you really have to eat it fast. Thankfully I gave product away or it would have been too much for us.

I had heard that Udi’s could be pricey, but when I checked the web site I honestly felt the prices weren’t bad at all. Good health is an investment. I felt these fresh items were very much worth it. Although I do concede that if you were buying a large amount of these items weekly the difference would be noticeable at the checkout. Really if you did a blind taste test on Udi’s items and a popular brand name with gluten you wouldn’t be able to taste the difference. Click on the special offers tab and you get a $1 off coupon for Udi’s. Only for use in the U.S.

Some facts:
Udi’s started in 1994 in Colorado.
They were bakery cafes first, then in 2008 they baked their first loaf of gluten free bread.
In 2011 they baked the first line of gluten free hamburger and hot dog buns.
They have a thriving Facebook community https://www.facebook.com/udisglutenfree
Now they are America’s number one gluten free brand.

Good news: Udi’s is slowly moving into the Canadian market. 

As my readers know my reviews are always given a dollar sign rating with a maximum of $$$$$ out of $$$$$.

Udi’s gets a solid $$$$ out of $$$$$. 
Fresh product, great need for the product and fabulous packaging. Also oh my goodness we loved the cookies.
I agree that hopefully in time the price is a bit less expensive for consumers.

Disclosure: I received product for free to facilitate this review.

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