Why I Won’t Vote Conservative in #elxn41 #cdnpoli

The Lacklustre televised English language debate

I was, until recently one of those not so rare birds, they call the undecided voter. I was absolutely a bit ticked when the election was called, because truthfully I think in terms of dollars and cents and an election is a whole lot of wasted time and money. I think of a few of my particular causes that might have benefitted from $50 million or billion or whatever the ludicruous amount of money is that is spent on these things and I get irked. I have, as a person with a few hats, and one who runs a non profit as well, helped to inform the previous government on adoption issues. Truthfully I can work with any party and I can write about any party. I have been doing a lot of election coverage over at and I have enjoyed that. In my previous incarnation – well the one before I had children – I worked elections. It was a thing I loved to do as a reporter for the London Free Press and before that the Record in Kitchener. I enjoy politics, politically and federally, at least. Municipal politics I tolerated and covered too for a time (tedious business that of sewers and severances). I tell you all of this by means of letting you know that I have seen a few tricks and a few campaigns and yet, from the start election 41 has just been a big fiasco for lack of a better word. Okay, maybe in one week we will all be heralding the greatest upset ever, but I highly doubt it. I think we will see more of the same. And that saddens me, because one party took a total pass on this entire election. And frankly that doesn’t sit well with me. I have been to three local debates and a half dozen rallies and meet the candidate nights. And I have yet to see the Conservatives show up at anything. Now in fairness Ed Holder, Conservative for London-West, showed up to the Council of London Seniors debate. That was the best attended debate yet and he was likeable, but also kind of pounced on by the seniors for several issues. Such is politics and you better grow a thick skin. The remaining debates I have been to and a couple at local high schools and one or two at various libraries. And I haven’t seen a Conservative yet other than Holder at that one event. No Conservative has knocked at my door or shown up at any of the other events. No Conservative came to the health discussion. I tried early on to have them return my calls and that was even a bit of a non starter. To be clear, this has also been reported throughout Canada. No Conservative Party Canada candidate at many of the meet the candidate evenings scheduled. No Conservative in Guelph last week. I read it in the Mercury. No Conservative in several of the western provinces. And yet people still have Tory signs on their lawns. That I just don’t get. Because frankly if you can’t make the effort to visit me in person at my door. And if you can’t make the effort to meet the people you plan to represent in Parliament. And if you can’t make the effort to show up for the practice, then why the heck would I put you in the game? In a democracy we vote for people to represent us and I don’t trust people to represent my interests, or the interests of my family, when they refuse to show up. How about you?

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  • Skees

    I agree! These debates/open forums/candidates meetings are important. It’s hard to tell how this person will represent you if you can’t see them in action ahead of time. The Conservatives seem to have a knack for bad press this election though from the limited access to the London Rally to badly advertised e-mail asking people to attend a rally in Toronto. I heard about it on my way home tonight and will send you a reference privately, even though you probably already have it.