WillLand Outdoors Backpacks That Bring It #BTS

Whether it’s school or travel there’s always a reason to have a good quality backpack at the ready. I am thrilled this year to have WillLand Outdoors backpacks for the kids as they return to school, and as we embark on our fall and winter travels.


My oldest daughter started grade nine last year with a super fun anime style backpack that she bought at the beach with her babysitting money. It was adorable. BUT…and we all saw this coming…it broke before Halloween. It was fun and cute, but cutesy isn’t always what you need when you lug massive math and science textbooks back and forth five days a week. Heavy duty is what you need. WillLand Outdoors is what you need. So, why did I let her buy the other backpack from the beach? Well, she’s learning all the time about purchasing decisions. That’s a hard lesson to learn, but it’s good for her to figure that out now.


Last year around October 31st we ended up dusting off Payton’s old grade eight backpack and she used that for the remainder of the year. It also went to camp with her this August and it travelled on a few different flights throughout the year. By the time camp ended two weeks ago it was pretty done. This September I knew it was time for her to have something different. Thankfully, WillLand Outdoors sent two gorgeous backpacks to us in time for school.


This year Payton opted for the WillLand Outdoors Light Aqua Romantica backpack. She was thrilled with the colour, the material and the look. It is a 25 L rucksack. It has a grownup feel. It is 100% Canadian and has a lifetime WillLand Outdoors Guarantee. Plus these backpacks are beautiful. Function and beauty together combines to provide a really solid and smart purchase. These babies will last from school to cruise ship to airport, camp and hiking trips. These are solid backpacks and the Lifetime warranty means I feel great about sending my kids off to school with these.


As for daughter number two, Ainsley, my 12-year-old junior black belt hurricane on wheels, well she’s the one who destroys backpacks. To be fair I am reasonably certain she doesn’t mean to be so hard on them…but facts are facts. Every year her school backpack breaks – it’s more like a question of when will it break. Last year the zipper of her expensive backpack busted around May 2nd. The year before that same, but earlier in the year. Any idea how hard it is to replace a backpack when school is almost over for the year?? It’s not ideal.

These WillLand Outdoors backpacks are perfect for my rough little gal. Not only would the College Fortuna and the College Romantica have been perfect for camp this year, but they are about to meet their toughest test yet – school with my 12-year-old. I have faith this time she has met her match. These backpacks are durable and sturdy. The WillLand Outdoors brand has many stylish colours and designs. My kids received a College Fortuna RED shown in first picture above and a College Romantica Light Aqua for back to school.

The College Fortuna is 22 L with a genuine leather zipper puller and genuine leather straps. There’s a top loading access mechanism and multi-functional organizing pockets. I love that actually. I also really like the fact that this WillLand Outdoors backpack has a built-in padded laptop pouch. I would have chosen this one for myself. It’s perfect for laptops and travel and grown up enough to work as a travel blogger’s backpack.

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WillLand Outdoors

100 % Canadian

100 % Happiness Satisfaction Guaranteed Warranty (that is awesome)

WillLand Outdoors believes in social responsibility and they practice fair trade with all of their suppliers and manufacturers.

There’s a lot to love about WillLand Outdoors backpacks.

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