Win My Pretty Playhouse: 100 % Recyclable Playhouse for Children

How do you turn this into…
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My Pretty Playhouse?
Well, you may have a chance to learn for yourself if you enter the giveaway portion of this blog post.


First, you should know my kids totally screamed like the girly girls they are: “It’s like Christmas in October!” as I revealed this package from Boutique Cascades. The cool kid’s cardboard playhouse was unexpected. See, every Friday night at our house my daughter has a black belt training program she attends and then we eat dinner and it’s time for another person in my home to head off to martial arts and then, occasionally we scream GIRL’S NIGHT and we do fun girly stuff. Husband is typically more than happy to go workout or hide when we declare girl’s night. So, really it’s a win-win for everyone!


This morning I told them we had a top secret toy to test out tonight and suddenly everyone was on their best behaviour. So, thanks Boutique Cascades for a rare day of perfect behaviour (well, close to perfect). After dinner I had them clean the guinea pig cage, close their eyes, and then clear a space in the basement for our product test. They just about lost their little minds when I handed them the box from Boutique Cascades.

Boutique Cascades sells a wide range of eco-friendly 100% recyclable cardboard products from children’s playhouses to cardboard furniture for children and cooler boxes. Cascades was founded in 1964. Cascades produces, markets and converts packaging products and tissue paper composed mainly of recycled fibres. They employ close to 11,000 people. They are the largest wastepaper recycler in Canada.

There are several different playhouses available from Cascades. My Pretty Playhouse is $38.00 and requires a bit of adult supervision. The Children’s Cardboard Playhouse is a bit more expensive at $48.00 but it’s also the largest model. There is also a Toopy and Binoo house, a My Toc Toc Toc playhouse, and even a Barbie playhouse. The parts come in sheets of cardboard, stamped and easy to punch out. The creative cardboard houses are one of the most enjoyable items we’ve had here for months. This toy is recommended for children age three and up. It is safe, sturdy and biodegradable. But the best part of My Pretty Playhouse is that the kids get to show their creativity by colouring it or decorating inside and out. It will amuse your kids for days on end and toys like that are hard to come by. These would make amazing birthday, or Christmas presents for anyone over the age of 3, but most fun for those who can colour. My girls painted our house number on the side, and they drew our bookcases, lights and fixtures inside.

Made in Canada, My Pretty Playhouse helps to build real homes too. For every My Pretty Playhouse sold, $2 goes to Habitat for Humanity. Cascades has a strong history of giving back to the community. That makes these items even more precious, in my books. Follow Cascades on twitter.

Luckily I have one to give away to my readers. Follow the instructions below. Good luck!

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