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Winter Beauty Problems SoftLips #Giveaway

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What is your number one skin care problem in the winter?
I have a whole host of issues that are specific to the season. It’s super annoying and frustrating every year to have dry skin and hair the moment the heat comes on in my home. I also hate static. It ruins most every hairdo from November on until Spring. And dry lips? Don’t even get me started. My whole family has super dry lips starting now. Actually cold and flu season does a number on lips, doesn’t it?
I received some Soft Lips products several months ago actually and made not of how light the product and packaging was. I am a sucker for packaging. In the case of SoftLips the slim purse-sized tubes make me feel less like I am buying a medical treatment and more like I am buying something cosmetic and pretty. Something that enhances my skin care routine. Maybe that’s silly, but recently I read something in a magazine about how every purchasing decision starts with a feeling or an emotion and grows from there. So maybe SoftLips planned that. Anyways, I received a package of the Watermelon double (shown above) for review. 
The watermelon flavour is refreshing and a welcome little citrus hit of summer even when it’s snowing and blowing outside. It works well to moisturize lips fast and doesn’t require as much reapplication as some other brands I have tried. Watermelon is the newest flavour of Softlips. I like the skinny tube, but more importantly this products does what is says it will do and also contains SPF 20. As my readers know I have daughters, tweens actually, both of whom have a flare for borrowing all the cool things I receive from brands. What I like about the doubles packaging from SoftLips is that I can freely share one with them, and keep one for myself, heading that off immediately. My eldest daughter has her own watermelon tube of Softlips and she is using it routinely. The kids get the driest lips of all because of how often they are outdoors. 
The SoftLips products are available in Canada at Walmart, Rexall, Lawtons and Shoppers Drug Mart. The double packages often sell for about $4.99 at popular retailers. And did you know this product is cruelty free? Follow SoftLips Canada on Facebook for news and deals. Visit for more details. 
One lucky winner (Canada only) will get:
1. Watermelon double
1. Cool Cherry double
1. French Vanilla double
1. Coconut Cream double
1. Ravishing Raspberry double
1. Strawberry Sherbet double
1. Honeydew Melon double
1. Organic Pomegranate double
1. Organic Peppermint double
1. Organic Acai Berry double
1. Cosmetic Bag 
1. Purse Mirror
Valued at $50.
Good Luck!!

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