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On the Move #ldnont Painted Hallway Reveal

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This was our hallway before we started the massive decluttering and renovations here. We had wallpaper and toys and a big wooden coat rack that we liked. It was a hallway we lived in and raced through, a thoroughfare that was often lined with backpacks and homework and spare car seats. 
When we moved in 14 years ago we wallpapered and put crown mouldings in and hung pictures and used the tiniest space in the hallway alcove as an office. My office was essentially a corner with a computer and two filing cabinets. Oh, and a chair too.
When we decided to get ready to move we knew we had to remove some things. We started with a storage space at StorageWorx and we moved a lot of things then we got our kitchen renovated. That was a massive job and it made a huge difference. The painting was the next big job – but before we could do that we needed to remove the wallpaper and prepare the walls. The tones were chosen by an expert (I actually paid a fee to have someone come in and tell us what colours make the house sellable. No surprise all neutrals.) But I initially saw the cost of the painting process and challenged the painter to keep the cost low by eliminating trim. We could have stopped there. The trim painting alone, because we have so much wood in this house, was $1000. I tried to skimp on that. But eventually I broke down. It took a team of three people an entire weekend of painting all the trim in our home.
Now the hallway looks like this!
I think the return on that investment will hopefully mean the house sells quickly when we finally get that sales sign up. It better – because literally this weekend while this was happening we were confined to a cluttery basement filled with boxes and two of us got stomach flu. One child was projectile vomiting much of Sunday. So this was a huge inconvenience and a challenge. But I think it was worth it. I love the contrast in the shades. What do you think? Have you ever done a big renovation?
This was my last post in my On The Move series.

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