Drought Resistant Plants

5 Drought Resistant Plants

Drought Resistant Plants
white bridge in a drought resistant yard

I love gardening. It’s an enjoyable way to watch plants grow and know that I helped them do it. However, my green thumb can be a touch brown. And my soil here is oddly dry, almost clay like. My plants never seem to have enough water. That’s why I’ve put together a list of 5 drought resistant plants that can stand up to dry weather and a less than green thumb. These drought resistant plants are able to survive the lack of watering that a hectic life can almost certainly mean for them.

Drought Resistant Plants to Survive Hectic Lives

My life is all go all the time, so I need plants that can stand up to my frequent travelling, chronic activity and massive number of extracurriculars the kids have. Let’s face it, self employment means a busy lifestyle and there are also many days when I don’t really even remember to schedule in the fact that I should probably water all the things that are green. These 5 drought resistant plants can help!


Although this is a group of plants, I’ve up them all here under one heading. Cacti are great for an on the go person or a frequent traveler. They need next to no water, and they enjoy good drainage. They’re basically indestructible, and that’s important when you have 5 million things going through your head on a daily basis. These are great for indoor gardens or outdoor gardens in arid areas.

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It smells wonderful, and it needs next to no care. That’s a winner for me. This plant blooms from spring to fall, requires very little water, and smells like a dream. You can also harvest the leaves for use in home made teas and various beauty scrubs. Winner, winner, lavender dinner!


Sedum rupestre, commonly known as Agelena, is a European succulent that grows about six inches tall and spreads. Its soft look and beautiful color make it an excellent ground cover, and because it’s a succulent, it needs very little water.

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This European plant features lovely gray-green, pink-tipped rosettes that range in size from 2 to 5 inches wide. This clumping plant grows to about 2 feet tall 2 feet across or more. Because it’s native to Europe, it can stand up to cooler climates, as well.

Lewisia Cotyledon

One of the prettier drought resistant plants, the Sunset Strain of Lewisia can stand up to very little watering. In fact, it makes a wonderful addition to a rock garden, because it doesn’t like to have wet roots. It’s an excellent choice for a green house or an exterior plant in hot, arid regions.

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Drought Resistant Plants – Brown Thumbers Rejoice

With these 5 drought resistant plants, even someone with a brown thumb can grow something green. These plants are tough, and they can stand up to a severe lack of water. In fact, many of them thrive on it. So if your green thumb tends to be a little brown, your lifestyle a little too busy, or your memory just not so conducive to watering plants, try out one of these 5 drought resistant plants. You might have a little more green than you think!

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