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6 Female Fertility Facts You May Not Know

How much do you know about your own fertility? Chances are some of these female fertility facts will be new to you even if you consider yourself to be well informed. Female Fertility and Infertility is something we don’t seem to ask about or inquire into until there is a problem. Let’s change that.

female fertility facts
female fertility facts

If you’re trying to have a baby, you need to know these female fertility facts. You may know some of these, but all of these female fertility facts can give you a better chance of making a little bundle of joy without so much of the worry and stress.

Female Fertility Facts to Help You Conceive

All of these female fertility facts are big helps to getting pregnant. I’ve talked to so very many people who struggle trying to conceive. It’s common to know when something is wrong with regards to fertility and infertility but knowing what to do to enhance or protect fertility is much less common.

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The Best Time to Start is Before Ovulation

We all know that ovulation is the best time to try to get pregnant, but did you know that the five days before you ovulate is the perfect time to really rev up the baby making process? It’s true. When your egg leaves your ovary, sperm has between 12 and 24 hours to fertilize the egg. Here’s the interesting part. Sperm can remain viable inside you for several days to weeks after you have sex. So the more you have sex in that period before ovulation, the more sperm are there to increase your odds.

Your Nose Knows

You sense of smell is enhanced when you’re ovulating. So if you notice that everything smells stronger to you, it might be time to head to the bedroom and make time to focus on baby making.

Stress Free is the Way to Be

Female fertility is enhanced when you’re stress free. In fact, a Harvard study found that 55% of women in the study who engaged in a mind and body program got pregnant, while only 20% of those who didn’t got pregnant. A stress free life is the life to have if you’re trying to have a baby. Of course that’s pretty much impossible but there are ways to limit and temper stress.

Chances are Slim for Everyone

The 30s seems to be the decade when a lot of people are trying to get pregnant. That’s why it’s important to know that couples over the age of 30 only have about a 15% chance of conceiving each month. That’s nothing to worry about. It holds true with all couples, or singles, of that age. So don’t be discouraged, and keep trying.

A Healthy Mouth Makes a Healthy Baby

It’s true. Studies have shown that gum disease can lead to premature delivery and low birth weight in babies. Female fertility may not be enhanced by a trip to the dentist, but the chances of a healthy baby will be.

Fat-Free Milk is a No No

Research shows that one or more servings a day of full-fat diary helps decrease the risk of infertility. So if you want to maximize your female fertility, indulge in the full-fat diary without guilt. It can be anything from whole milk to delicious ice cream.

Female Fertility Facts to Help on the Road to Conception

Chances are you may not have known many of these, and that’s why I wanted to get this out there. It’s important to know all your can about female fertility when you’re trying to get pregnant. Knowledge of female fertility is a powerful thing when you’re trying to get pregnant, and these female fertility facts should give you a nice head start on your pregnancy journey.


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