Abreva review

There is little I hate more than cold sores. I don’t get a lot of them, but when I do I want them gone instantly. As a result I keep Blistex handy at all times, when I travel and when I leave the house there’s even a tiny one stashed so I don’t run out ever. So when Abreva appeared at my house recently for review I was excited to try another option. Abreva is recommended by pharmacists and it’s a fair bit more expensive than my standby Blistex. But, when I tried it last week, I was blown away by how fast it worked. You can feel it working too – not in the same tingly minty way that some other remedies do, but in a medicinal manner. In short it worked fast and eradicated any trace of cold sore from my mouth. I only needed one application at the onset of that first tingling annoying feeling and it was gone. Abreva, with Docosonal, blocks entry of the cold virus into surrounding cells. It contains benzyl alcohol and can be used by anyone 12 and over although it isn’t recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Abreva has a Facebook page and coupons are available there for US residents. It’s worth a visit. Winter cold sores can be painful and aggravating so it helps to have ammunition available. For coupons

This mom gives Abreva a $$$$ out of $$$$$ because it works fast and lasts, but loses $ for the cost factor.

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