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Addalock Review – Safe on the Go #Travel Lock

Addalock Review
Addalock Review

Addalock Review


Imagine a lock on the go. Addalock is a simple effective little invention you can toss in your suitcase and carry with you anywhere. When I heard about the device I was interested because safety is a huge priority here and because I have a child with special needs who wanders. Now, I am pretty sure that Addalock wasn’t intended necessarily as a special needs tool, but I can see useful applications here. My daughter from a very young age could get out any door and had very little impulse control, so we were hypervigilant, and we still are. In our house we have extra security on doors and we have bolts to keep her from running out our front door. Of course as she ages, we are often on the go travelling together as a family.

This past weekend we had the chance to do a quick overnight camp for kids with special needs. So I thought I would take the lock with me and give it a whirl. It was pretty simple to use at home and pretty simple to use in the motel where we stayed. I like the compact nature of the lock. It comes with a small carrying case and instructions.

Addalock costs $20 which to me is well worth it. I will admit when I pulled the lock out of the package at first I thought it looked a bit like a can opener with handle. And initially I thought the instructions looked pretty tricky to figure out. But a bit of patience as always and the lock worked. Caveat – this lock doesn’t work on every door. It comes with a device that easily helps you to figure out if it will work or not. Don’t force the door closed if the measuring tool indicates it might not be the right strike plate. I liked the gadget for its portability and simplicity. Also its affordable. At $20 Addalock seems like a necessary addition to your purse or suitcase.

Disclosure: I was given a free Addalock and a few other items for purposes of this review.

Rating $$$$ out of $$$$$

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  • AnnMarie Brown

    Oh my lands… this sounds wonderful… when we were away this week… I was always double checking the door… to make sure it was locked to keep my child safe.