Adult Essentials Gummies and #ShesConnected Ambassador

True Confession time: I steal my kids IronKids gummy vitamins. All. The. Time. I love them. So how happy was I when I discovered that Life Science Nutritionals, the Canadian company that makes IronKids had started making Adult Essentials Gummies. Oh I was over the moon, doing happy handsprings in the aisles of the grocery store where I get them. (Well not literally, but I might be by the time I finish this three month stint on the full regimen) I am an ambassador for Adult Essentials Gummy vitamins with ShesConnected. This is the first of my posts about my experiences with Adult Essentials.

My faithful readers already know a few things about this blog, and about me, by extension. I don’t endorse or chat about things, brands or products that I don’t use myself. I am a busy mom, very busy, digitally connected, a mom to kids with special needs, a wife, a writer, a sandwich mom, caring for my own parent now. And I myself have had longtime health issues. From the time I was a child I have had Crohn’s Disease, an immune system disorder that affects the digestive tract.

For me health, fitness and nutrition are not passing fads, more like full time commitments. I need to stay on top of all three pillars: health, nutrition and fitness. But, here’s the thing about being a sandwich Mom. Honestly it is hard to get all of that in on a daily basis. I am worn out often, I am lacking energy frequently and moodiness, well seriously – who wouldn’t get grumpy once in awhile juggling all of that? But we Moms know too that we don’t get time to be worn out, so instead I take my vitamins and exercise very seriously. A lot depends on me, so a lot depends on my vitamins. My husband and I are both really into fitness routines right now. He was slower to come on board, but now we are committed. When my youngest was first diagnosed with having special needs, I knew there was only one way I could manage all of the daily demands of work, marriage, parenthood, full time advocating for my child and speaking engagements. So we all joined the YMCA and I started yoga, while the kids started swimming and yoga and martial arts and gymnastics and then my husband started all of that too. Add to that pilates and sparring (martial arts) and centergy and regular workouts and free weights and soccer in the backyard and whew! So fitness remains a constant here. Together, we are always looking for the nutitional supplement or vitamin that will give us the edge. We have all taken Omega threes for years. It helps both of my kids and is highly recommended for anyone with attention deficits or even ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). I had them on straight fish oil for many years before finding the IronKids Omega 3.

Now that I am on the full complement of Adult Essentials, which includes the Multivitamin, Omega, B-Complex and Vitamin D, I am already feeling a bit of a difference. I never took B vitamins or D consistenty before. Both B and D can help with a lot of things like immune system function and stress and the nervous system. I started all of these together about one month ago. My husband, who is a big fan of protein powders is suddenly taking interest in Adult Essentials. He and I both like that the line is all natural. Nothing artificial and no sugar added. The adult gummies are gluten free, dairy free and nut free. SMART! (As an aside I think this company is social media savvy and brilliant at marketing.) Visit them on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Adult Essentials is also the only entire brand line approved by Heallth Canada. That is very important to me.

I was asked to go shopping for this particular post. To photograph store displays of the vitamins and let you in on where they are available. I shop a lot of the big grocery stores and pharmacies in London and so I started with the Pharmasave. I was disappointed they weren’t there. (This is my favourite pharmacy for service reasons. But it is also much smaller than many others.)

So I headed over to Shoppers Drug Mart, where a few of the Moms of kids at my school work and where my daughter occasionally pretends to help and do a part time job stocking shelves with them. (Also – as an aside I have an ongoing Foursquare battle for mayorship of my Shoppers Drug Mart, so you know I shop there a lot.) And I found a full display of each, easy to find. I think the displays could have been a bit bigger even at Shoppers because these vitamins are a good price and great value. They are also winners of the Parent Tested Parent Approved awards and, as such, boast the telltale seal. This is a brand I love and these vitamins taste great. No chalk, and no fishy aftertaste. Just great tasting vitamins that work. 
In the month or so that I have been taking Adult Essentials vitamins I have honestly noticed that while my kids are still coming home with germs from school, I am not getting their colds and viruses as much as I usually do. And when I do get a sore throat or something they are complaining of, the actual ailment comes and goes quickly. My immune system has never done that. This is exciting for me and a huge benefit to our family.
Display at Shoppers – Vitamin D is yellow and the Multi-vitamin is in the blue box.
Below that is the green package of the Omega 3.
Same display, but the B complex is underneath the green.
I am finding B complex, which is new to me, very helpful.
I am participating in the Adult Essentials Blogger Outreach program by ShesConnected. I received a supply of vitamins and compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign.
I will be running a post a month on this vitamin trial for three months.
Follow along with me and go get yours at Well.ca or Rexall, Pharmaplus, Sobeys, Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, or London Drugs and of course Shoppers Drug Mart.

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.