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Affirmation Cards for Teens to Build Positive Self Image

Raising teens is all at once the hardest thing I have ever done and also the most rewarding. As hard as it can be for me to parent them, sometimes I fully recognize that it is even harder to be them right now, especially during a pandemic.

Teens need all the mental health tools they can find. These Affirmation Cards for teens are a positive way to encourage mental health and self esteem. I printed these out for my oldest daughter and she was thrilled with them. You never know how these things will be accepted. But, she said OMG I need those. So, I am calling that a big win.

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Parenting Teens is Hard

Teens test you because they are supposed to. Sometimes that’s hard to remember, but I try lately to frame the obstinance and opposition in that context. That’s their job, right?

The last year has been hard for everyone but teens have been hit harder than most in my opinion and mental health has taken a huge hit. Being unable to see their friends has been excruciating for everyone. Let’s be honest here, in usual times when they leave the house to go see a friend or hang out at the mall it gives us as parents a small physical breather too.

This year, I feel that, the toll of them being here and us sharing the same space almost 24/7. It is a lot.

Managing Mental Health

We have, in the past few months, done many things to try and manage mental health in our home. First, and foremost, exercise, water and good food plus an adequate amount of sleep. These are our go to first steps when tackling daily self care for mental health now and always. I am a broken record advising my kids to remember to do all of these things daily.

Call those our primary tools.

Second Line of Action

We also use apps to track mental health symptoms and virtual therapy is plugged in for both of my girls now. Positive mantras and affirmations help, so does meditation and mindfulness. Even ASMR has a role here sometimes.

How to Use Affirmation Cards

These days have been hard on everyone. But we’ve all found ways to cope. Use these affirmation cards daily. Give them to your teens and have them reflect on the sentiments every day.

Here are a Few Things I’ve Learned About Parenting Teens

DO not Take it Personally

It’s not about you. They are mad and sad and growing still during a pandemic. That doesn’t stop. They will still lash out, maybe even more right now because they are at home so much more than they were before. Wouldn’t you be angry too? Aren’t you pissed off at things from time to time? Me too. Don’t take that personally.

Get in Touch With Your Inner Teen AND…

You were also teenager once. I sometimes think this lately, but then I check myself because yes I was a teenager once but never like this, during a pandemic. Facts: none of us are pandemic teens.

In fact, I was not a digital native either. Our kids grow up with media on all the time and social media, while I love it, can also be a damn hard tool to shut down. There are too many easy ways for people, bullies and others to get in your child’s head.

Empathy Wins

Try to think like your teenagers. What annoyed you or made you want to argue with every single word your Mom and Dad uttered? Put yourself in their shoes occasionally. Try empathy and then use these tips.

Print Out These Affirmation Cards for Teens

Click on the download button below and print these out for your use. Hope they help!

Affirmations Can Be Helpful

Every little bit helps right now. Affirmations along with mantras and mindfulness and therapy each play a role and can help your teen cope with pandemic emotions. Please remember there’s no substitute for actual doctors and therapy of you need that.

These are supplemental tools to help you manage mental health.

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