Alligator Life Cycle Learning Kit Printables

No matter where you live, you simply have to agree that alligators are very cool creatures. This alligator life cycle learning kit is four pages and can help reinforce a love of science and literacy as well as learning about living things in general.

Free Kids Alligator Life Cycle Learning Tools and Games

That, right now, is something we can all use. More activities that are free and easy to use for the kids. I mean I am fully aware that we are all scrambling to fill the extra time at home with meaningful activities for kids.

In my opinion, remote learning and in person learning have both been a bit of a let down. So, that leaves parents to pick up some of the slack yet again during the pandemic.

So, happy to tell you that I have many fun and educational activities here. In fact, if your kids are in elementary school and studying life cycles then there are numerous ones located here on Thrifty Mommas Tips. There are even more pinned to my Free Printables page on Pinterest.

How to Get This Alligator Life Cycle Learning Activity

Remember to visit my free printables board if you need help looking for free activities for your kids to do. For a high quality print out of the life cycle content do not miss this downloadable Bee Life Cycle activity and you should be off to the races.

Products Needed: Don’t forget to order paper – HP Printer Paper and also be sure to use a good printer. This Epson Eco Tank Printer is amazing. It saves ink like nobody’s business.

Did you know that an alligator bite is more powerful than that of a great white shark? It’s true. This and more alligator facts are here in this popular post about a trip I did to the Florida Everglades. It also contains 11 Alligator Facts that you will enjoy learning.

What’s in the Alligator Life Cycle Kit?

Here’s what’s included in this cute and free learning tool for school aged kits.

  • Page 1 is a Help the Baby Alligator find his way out of the maze activity. So, a fun themed maze printable work sheet.
  • Page 2 is a Self Correcting Puzzle. Use the scissors to cut this out and help reinforce hand eye coordination and fine motor skills too.
  • The third page is Cut out the images of the life cycle stages and place them in the right order then glue them each on the page to get the correct sequence.
  • Trace the Letters activity page is page 4.

Want to Keep the Learning Going?

I suggest you check out my Solar System Learning Unit.

Also, I have a turkey life cycle activity,

a Seahorse Life Cycle activity and finally a Bee Life Cycle activity.

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