Fun Fall Colour By Number Activity for Kids

Fall’s arrival always makes me a bit sad. Everyone here knows that summer is my favourite season, with winter following close behind. Even this year, I believe that ski season is worth celebrating.

Sometimes I find that I need to look harder to find reasons to enjoy September, October and November. But, that said, I am fully aware that the reasons are there. One of the biggest, most appealing parts of the Autumn months is simply Fall colours and watching the leaves change colour. Right now, my street is a riot of colourful maple trees. That makes me happy.

Celebrate Colour with Fall Colour By Numbers Activity

So, I thought this Fall Colour By Number Activity would be a hoot for kids. There are several pages here and you get them all for free today. Just because you are a reader here.

Autumn fruits and vegetables are fabulous. And sometimes Fall Fashion is inspired, but this year I am not going overboard because honestly there’s very little need to dress up right now. I choose to look at that as an opportunity to save some money. Glass half full, right?

Don’t Miss My Other Printables

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Download the Current Colour By Number File

Just click and collect, basically the same as getting groceries, except with printables that you probably shouldn’t eat. Actually, I take that back, you definitely shouldn’t eat these, just colour them instead and have fun while you are at it.

Of course, if you like this printable kid’s activity, then you may also enjoy this Indoor Scavenger Hunt. 

Tools to Be Creative

Keep colourful markers and crayons on hand always. That will help you to complete these cute Fall Colour By Number sheets.

Let Me Know What You Need

Leave me a comment indicating what you need right now, then I can draft some of the content here and share with you. Have a great day!

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