Alvin and The Chipmunks The Squeakwel

My two girls have been pestering me to go see this movie for the last couple of weeks, so we decided to take them today. Apparently a very popular choice as it was packed at Rainbow Cinemas in the Galleria Citi Centre downtown London this afternoon. While I have read some questionable reviews of this Alvin sequel and despite the fact that I would have happily chosen a different Disney show (Princess and The Frog) I was happily suprised by the movie. Alvin and the Chipmunks are now a major rock band performing at venues througthout the world when Alvin, grandstanding, causes Dave serious injury and has to fly home with an escort to start high school. Further injury occurs to other various relatives who attempt to give temporary guidance. Eventually the three brothers make it to high school, only to be bullied by the jocks (a plot most of us recall from our high school years) and pressed into performing to save the school’s music program. In a romantic subplot a girl chipmunk band the Chippettes show up wanting to meet the rockstars and they too are exploited by the villanous ex-manager of the Chipmunks. This show was a bit worrisome for my fiver with sensory processing disorder who finds unpredicability upsetting and loud swells of music that always denote something ominous to be frightening. But we worked through it and my eight-year-old totally loved it. This show was worth the money and I highly recommend it if looking for an afternoon of fun with children itching to get out of the house at holiday time. Zacchary Levi was an unexpected treat as loser cousin Toby. While the chubby jokes were grating, the theme of family and family being what you make it appealed to me and sort of made this movie rise above others I have seen with my children. Even Mom and Dad enjoyed it.
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