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An Early Christmas Present to You – Top Three Reasons For Public Funding in Alberta #infertility #ABHC4IVF #ABPOLI

There are so many reasons to support funding for in vitro fertilization in every province of Canada. I outlined my five reasons why I personally think public funding makes sense for Alberta in a post on my blog before. But it gets even simpler when you pare it right down.

I am an advocate. I have been for a long time. More years than I care to share. This year I will again drop everything and race off to Toronto when I am asked to speak up on behalf of adoptive families at public pre-budget hearings. I have learned a few things over the course of well over a decade. That when you have a chance to speak up, you do it. When you have a voice, you use it. When you are able to impact positive change, you act. And you always have an elevator speech at the ready. If you don’t know what that is, think of it this way – it’s your three second speech that you would give to a politician if you were trapped in an elevator with them.

So, for anyone in Canada struggling with infertility, here you go. This little video from Generations of Hope is your elevator speech. Grab your ipad and bookmark it now. Then find a way to pop in to see your MLA in Alberta, or BC, or your MPP, if you are here in Ontario. This couldn’t be simpler – the video spells it out. Better yet, take it to their office and visit them for National Child’s Day November 20th. Let them know there are numerous reasons to do this now. And on National Child’s Day, a day when it makes sense to reflect on the current status and health of children; a day to plan for improvements that impact futures for children, take this video and tell your provincial representative that this is why public funding makes a difference for the province, for families and for children.

1. Public funding is the right thing to do.
2. Public funding for IVF saves money.
3. Public funding for IVF means healthy communities and healthy children.
(You can’t argue against healthy children.)

I am community manager for a great group called Generations of Hope and I 100 % support this initiative. Follow our conversation on line at

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