Ascenta Nutrasea Kids #Giveaway and The Great Canadian Blog Bash

Welcome to The Great Canadian Blog Bash, an event hosted by numerous blogs and put together by Kat’s Confessions, Good Girl Gone Green, Whispered Inspirations, Mom Vs. The Boys, and of course Pampered Patty. This week long event is in honor of Canada Day. 
Every blogger taking part is hosting a giveaway, so pop by to enter and to learn about some Canadian companies you might not have met or known about before. Enter on individual blogs. Link up on the giant linky posted on each blog participating. All bloggers are Canadian, all companies involved are Canadian and all the giveaways are also uniquely Canadian! Yesterday I posted about Jacaranda Designs. Visit this post to enter to win vintage bobby pins! Today the Canadian company I am featuring here is Ascenta Health.

For a couple of weeks now our family has been ambassadors for the Ascenta brand of health care products. I jumped at the chance to sign up, especially for the children’s Nutrasea products because, as some of you know, our children came to our family through adoption. My youngest child has some special needs and from the moment she arrrived I began researching how best to support her and build healthy connections, physically, mentally and emotionally. With my youngest girl, I knew very early on that she was susceptible to a lot of not so great health conditions both physically and mentally. Because she didn’t get the ideal prenatal environment or the best start in life, I wanted to bridge, build or even try to boost her little body and brain. Really early on, I began reading about the positive impact of Omega 3 fish oil on brain development. We visited a nutritionist and a naturopath with her early because she had been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and she also had tons of upper respiratory infections and ear infections. She was a very active tot and still is to this day. Anyways Nutrasea fish oil by Ascenta was a product I found very fast and frankly my youngest easily took to it. (For her, it was easy to take and totally manageable. She has always taken supplements and other medicine really well. It is her routine.)

 In The Memory Solution by Dr. Julian Whitaker, he states that: DHA plays a particularly crucial role in the brain development of infants and children. Together with other long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, DHA accumulates in the fetal brain late in pregnancy, and continues to accumulate during an infant’s first few months of life. Human breast milk contains much more of these critical fats than cows’ milk or formula, so babies who are not breastfed have lower levels of these important nutrients. Researchers have determined that these important fatty acids affect intelligence in infancy and perhaps later in life. Learn more:

I asked the Ascenta health experts to answer a few questions on the benefits of Omega 3 fish oil for children. All answers are from Angela Donald, ND, MSc., director of education and clinical research at Ascenta. Ascenta is a Canadian company and their products are manufactured in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. 

1. How young can you start a child on Ascenta products, or Nutrasea Kids? Nutrasea Kids is for children aged 1-14 years. 
2. How much is enough? The recommended serving for children under 14 years old is 1 tsp daily. 
3. What benefit is fish oil to young children? Nutrasea Kids is beneficial in the development of the brain, eyes and nerves in children and adolescents. It is also beneficial in development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Plus it has a great taste that kids love! 
4. Is there any down side to using Ascenta fish oil supplements? The only down side is convincing kids to take a fish oil supplement. Once they do, they will be surprised at the tast and love it. When taken in the correct dose there are no down sides, other than convincing them to give it a shot. If you ingested more than the recommended amount there could be digestive side effects, but it would have to be an awful lot to have that effect. 

 This is my daughter Ainsley at a camp we just visited in Muskoka called Muskoka Woods. The extra Omega 3 gives her a boost physically and mentally. It helps her in many ways. I have had her taking Nutrasea fish oil from about the time she was 18 months old. As you can see, she is athletic. 
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Disclosure: I am an Ascenta ambassador. I did not receive payment for this post, but I get product and other perks as a result. My opinion is all my own.

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