Back to school coloring pages

Back to School Coloring Page Printable

Back to school coloring pages

It’s almost back to school time so start getting ready. Maybe you already are getting ready. There are a few small things I used to do to help get my little ones ready for back to school season. There’s back to school clothes shopping of course and then there’s back to school preparation such as driving by school to help my littles remember where they are going. They used to need a lot of help transitioning to school. My one daughter had pretty severe separation anxiety and it took her years to get accustomed to the back to school routine.

Whether your child is easygoing, or slow to warm up, you might be able to use some tools like these printables I have been running here on the blog. This Back to School Coloring Page might help get them thinking about school routines, supplies and fun.

In case you are new here I will remind you that there are two ways to print out this printable Back to School Coloring Page. You can right click the image above and save and then print it out. Or you can click the link below to a PDF version of this Back to School Coloring Page and then enjoy!

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