Boreal Forest Food Chain Colouring Book

At some point during your child’s school years they will start learning about the food chain. That also means learning about environment and geography to some degree. If they are studying Canadian geography and environment then they might come upon discussion of the Boreal Forest.

Boreal Forest Food Chain Activity Book

The Boreal Forest Food Chain Colouring Book and Activity Pack here is super cute and educational too. One of my smart and talented helpers designed this Boreal Forest Food Chain activity book, so I could share with readers and I love it. It reminds me of the Boreal Forest, which to be honest, I knew nothing about until we travelled through Saguenay Lac St Jean in Quebec last year.

That trip to Quebec was amazing, because Quebec always is. I love to take my kids to Quebec at least once a year, so they can practice speaking French and we can take full advantage of the natural environment in the province. We did whale watching in Tadoussac first and then headed over to Saguenay area where we checked out treehouses and took an afternoon boat cruise down the Saguenay Fjord. Highly recommend this when you have the time.

Download my Printable Full Boreal Forest Colouring Book

Want to print out the seven page colouring and activity book for kids?

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