Build Your Brain with Lumosity On Line Game Offer

Lumosity My youngest child has diagnosed special needs. My mother has recently been diagnosed with mild dementia and/or Alzheimer’s Disease. I am the very definition of a sandwich Mom. What that means for me, is that I have had to be very proactive and in charge of building our strengths. We eat with an eye to preventing further physical and neurological health symptoms. We focus our brains on building pathways and maintaining functioning ones. So for instance, resveratrol, from grapes and antioxidants from berries and Vitamin E are huge around here right now. Because I know they protect the brain from harm. For my daughter, we have always sought out games and activities and therapies that strengthen her little body physically and mentally. Studies support the use of Nintendo DS for seniors and brain games and puzzles. We encourage use of these. About two years ago we discovered the on line game Lumosity, which you can play for free in the basic plan and we love it. I know it works and the games are fun to do for all of us. I enjoy playing the raindrop game and my daughter can now play with a lot less help than before. She asks for the game by name and really loves it. When we first started she would sit on my lap and play and we did the games together. It was cuddle time too. So when this offer came up for me to promote Lumosity on thriftymommastips, I was thrilled. This is a game we adore and use ourselves. It is inexpensive. We have yet to pay anything for it. We use for free because we don’t need all the extras that the paid higher level membership entails. Lumosity is at least a $$$$ out of $$$$$ for me, if not higher. So click on the add above and play the game for a bit. It might even help feed your brain.

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