Canadian Infertility Awareness Week #creatingfamilies

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One in six. Staggering really. One in six couples in Canada struggle with infertility. Until this past year,  when we took to social media in droves and started sharing our stories, few were even talking about infertility in our great country. Progress comes fast sometimes courtesy of twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and various other social media tools. Now, we are talking and tweeting and sharing stories. We are building awareness and education. So this year during Canadian Infertility Awareness Week May 19 to 26th we are encouraging people to build our messages. Make a difference. Blog for social good and help shed light on infertility as the complex health issue it is for so many. If you have a blog and you have experience with infertility, please share this post and/ or write your own. 
The Infertility Awareness Association of Canada wants everyone impacted by infertility to share a tweet, a Facebook status or a blog post. Let’s change the face of infertility and move from the shadows to the foreground. 
I am 1 in 6. Are you?
So what can you do to help during Canadian Infertility Awareness Week?
*Write a post about your infertility experience and share it with us. 
*Right click on the button above and paste it onto your blog for May to show support. Link it to:
*Share a post about your infertility struggle and tweet it out with #creatingfamilies hashtag.
*Follow our accounts on twitter
*Follow us on Facebook
Attend one of the many events or conferences we are tweeting about and sharing all this month on twitter and Facebook. 
Follow our conversation this month by joining the hashtag #creatingfamilies and help us to build education, awareness, understanding and support. 
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has – Margaret Mead. 

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