103 Plus Books to Increase Brain Power Now!

These days, it’s hard to keep our brains active, much less increase brain power. I mean I feel like I am constantly stressed out here while parenting and working through the pandemic and cannot focus long enough on any one task to make it through without stumbling.

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Recently, I started using an app to focus hard in the mornings on exercise and learning. I need to keep my brain active and stimulated to be healthy and well. So, I also started looking for books that can increase brain power.

Best Books to Keep Your Brain Fit

Most of us know that we can keep our brains active and engaged by giving it mental stimulation. Physical workouts and activity help support that. Books and apps are vital right now for me. I suspect these will provide entertaining and learning opportunities to challenge my brain and give it a workout. 

Puzzle Books to Increase Your Brain Power

If you love puzzles, you’ll want to pick up this first book mentioned here. You’ll find crosswords, word searches and sudoku puzzles to level up your brain game. Your mental agility, vocabulary and problem-solving skills will stay sharp with the help of this book. This book is pocket sized so it’s easy to carry. Pull it out when on the go and you have some down-time. 

Brain Games #1 – Lower Your Brain Age in Minutes

Lower your age in minutes with the puzzles and games in this book. Now, if only they could bottle that!

Keep Your Brain Alive

Big Book of Sudoku – Over 500 Puzzles & Solutions, Easy to Hard Puzzles for Adults

Left Brain Right Brain Puzzles

Brain Games Rock N Roll

Great Word Searches

Challenge Accepted! Word Games

Extreme Word Search – 300 Puzzles

Extreme Word Search Brain Games

Bet You Can’t Do This Word Search – 115 REALLY REALLY Hard Puzzles

VERY Difficult Number Search and Word Search

Spiral Bound Big Book of Word Searches – 500 different word searches

Go Games Super Colossal Word Search: – 365 Great Puzzles

Fantastic Word Search with 300 Puzzles

You know I love a good word search. They are my favourites actually. Many of you seem to enjoy them also, so click on the above link to buy this one now.

Buy it Now – > Fantastic Word Search

World’s Largest Word Search Book

Again, can’t get enough of a good word search. We have several word searches here that you can print and do at home with your kids or your spouse. I have often heard that grandparents love to do these word searches with their grandkids.

Memory Games

Fun and Easy Memory Activity Book

In this book, you will find a wonderful selection of activities, puzzles and games which target different memory and brain skills.

  • Short-term memory — There are many activities that exercise short-term memory in this book including Delightful Details, Particular Pictures, Lovely Lists, Backwards and The Memory Challenge.

Mind Games

Ultimate Mind Games

Over 400 puzzles. Test your brain with these teasers that will captivate and challenge you. From beginner to master level, develop your problem-solving skills in math, logic, and wordplay. Riddles, rhymes and more will keep you thinking and entertained as you work through these brain teasers.

Brain Games – Criminal Mind Puzzles

Collect the clues and crack the cases. Verbal, visual and logic puzzles.

Funster 1000+ Sudoku Puzzles

Bring on Sudoku to help you boost brain power. One year, my youngest girl bought my husband a gigantic Sudoku Puzzles game and he used to do at least one page a night. That was an excellent investment and a superb gift.

Sudoku Brain Workout

Spiral Bound Brain Games Sudoku – Exercise Your Mind in Minutes

The Best Brain Teasers of All Time

Brain Games – Relax and Solve Sudoku

With 125 games, every puzzle in this book works cognitive skills to keep your brain young. Keep your mind active and challenged while also being entertained . Unplug from devices and give your brain a workout with this book.

Literary Fans

What Would Jane Do?

Jane Austen Timeless Classics

Pride and Prejudice and Puzzles

My oldest daughter is the queen of all trivia here in my home. I used to be as sharp as she is but to be honest my propensity for trivia facts is a bit less than it used to be. We live with chronic stress here and I am certain that’s take a toll on my brain at times. Anyways, I think this will help me increase brain power. If not, then some of the other books for brain power will definitely be useful.

Trivia Games

399 Games, Puzzles & Trivia Challenges Specially Designed to Keep Your Brain Young

Cross train your brain! Bring it home now and change your brain power.

Brain Teasers for Adults: 75 Large Print Puzzles

Since everyday life doesn’t throw perplexing riddles at us very often, Brain Teasers for Adults offers a variety of tricky, yet “doable” puzzles to help build your logic, math, and wordplay.

Brain Teasing Riddles for both Kids and Adults

Of Course! Greatest Collection of Riddles and Brainteasers for Expanding Your Mind

What am I? A Collection of Engaging Riddles

Food Word Games

Circle a Word Large Print Puzzles

Delicious Word Searches

Word Searches with a Cherry on Top

Savory Word Search

Gourmet Word Searches

Large Print Editions

Large Print Word Search Puzzles

Word Search Large Print Puzzles

Search a Word Brain Games

Supreme Word Search Large Print Edition

Let’s be real. My eyes are not what they used to be either. Isn’t aging fun? LOL. Anyways, if you need the large print books then you should have them!

Kappa Large Print Supersaver Pack of Six Word Searches

Talk about a great deal. This one contains six books! Do one a month and it will last you for six months. These make great gifts for seniors.

Kappa Large Print Supersaver – set of nine!

That seems like a great investment in boosting your brain power and it should last all year!

Delightful! Easy Puzzles, Memory Activities and Brain Games for Adults – Large Print Word Searches, Spot the Difference and More

110+ Brain Workouts for Seniors

399 Games, Puzzles and More

If you love mysteries, you’ll want to check out this book where you get to play detective and help solve the puzzles! This book uses anagrams, cryptograms, word searches and more to help sharpen your mind with these mystery puzzles.

Adult Activity Book – Games, Puzzles and More

Mystery Puzzle Books to Solve

Sherlock Holmes Puzzles

Brain Games – CSI Investigation

Criminal Mind Puzzles – Buy This One here – >

If you love a challenge, try these puzzles that will keep you engaged until you solve them. Stretch your abilities with puzzles like logic grids, nonograms, sudoku, and masyu. These clever puzzles will give your brain the workout it’s looking for!

True Crime Puzzles from Brain Games

Code Breaker by Brain Games

Fun and Easy Memory Activity Book for Adults

Easy and Relaxing Memory Activity Book for Adults

More Easy and Relaxing Puzzles

Fun and Relaxing Adult Activity Set

Easy Puzzles for Fun, Focus and Relaxation

Looking for Riddles?

100 Best What am I Riddles?

Brain Games – Left Brain Right Brain

Visual Challenges to Keep You Sharp

Pictogram Visual Challenge

Love visual brain games or challenges? Me too. This Pictogram Visual Challenge book is radically different from the other options offered here

A Few For Kids

For Kids – Brain Games

Logic Puzzles for Kindergarten Kids puzzles for clever little people

Riddles and Brain Teasers For Smart Kids

Brain Games Kids: Kindergarten

Love the idea of this Brain Games book for kids. 8 Years and Up.

Difficult Riddles for Smart Kids

Go Games Super Colossal Word Search

Brain Gaming for Clever Kids

Highlights Ultimate Puzzle Games

101 Fun Crossword Puzzles – First Children Crossword Puzzle Book for Kids Age 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 and for 3rd graders | Kids Crosswords (Easy Word Learning Activities for Kids)

Everything Kids’ Games and Puzzles

Crosswords for Kids – BEST PUZZLE BOOK FOR AGES 8 AND UP

Math Games for Clever Kids

Crossword Puzzles for Kids – 101 Coolest puzzles to solve for ages 7 and up

Cool Crosswords for Kids

Big Book of Boredom Busters – Brain Games

The Brainest Insaniest Ultimate Puzzle Book

Word for Word Fun Finds for Kids

USA Word Search for Kids – USA Puzzles Facts and Fun

Puzzles and Crosswords for Teens

New York Times Crossword for Teens

Word Search Puzzle Book for Teens

Middle School Word Search

Word for Word Pop Culture Puzzles

Miscellaneous Brain Games and Ideas

1,000 Sudoku Games and Puzzles

1000 ++ All Easy Sudoku Puzzle Games

Sticker By Numbers Brain Games

Skillmatics Brain Games

The Must Have 2020 Sudoku Puzzles Book

Comedic Options to Increase Brain Power

F*CK, I’m Bored! Activity Book for Adults

This one caught my eye because of the clever title. Word tiles, Sudoku, Coloring, Dot to Dot and more.

Tricky Logic Puzzles

From easy to hard and from kids to adults, these brain teasers will keep you busy this summer and beyond. There’s a range of games such as mazes, anagrams, crosswords, word ladders dot-to-dot and more. Ease into the brain game with this book.

Beach Brain Power

SUMMER – Brain Games Summer Puzzles

Stay sharp with these brainy math and logic puzzles guaranteed to stimulate your brain into action. Flex your math muscle with these mind-benders. Working with math often involves readjusting your thinking, so these puzzles will certainly give your brain a workout.

Summer Fun Puzzles -160 Games

My Best Mathematical and Logic Puzzles


Brain Games Minis

10 Minute Sudoku Puzzles

Mini Sudoku Brain Games

USA MINI Brain Games

Game Show Fun Word Games

Wheel of Fortune Word Puzzles

Hollywood Word Search

Family Feud Word Search Puzzles

TV Guide Brain Games

Jeopardy Word Puzzles

Jeopardy Challenge Word Games

What is an Alex Trebek fan? Or should I say Who is a Trek fan? Who isn’t? This is the perfect gift package for you.

For Seniors Specifically

Brain Exercises for Seniors – Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Young and Nimble

Grandma’s Favourite Sudoku Book

Large Print Easy Sudoku Puzzles – 200 Easy Sudoku Puzzle to Improve Your Memory & Prevent Neurological Disorder

101 Large Print Sudoko Puzzles

Sudoku #2 – Large Print

555 Sudoku Puzzles – Easy to Expert, Hard and Very Hard Content – Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, and Expert Level Sudoku Puzzle Book For Adults 

Now, I’m honestly tempted to argue that every single book out there helps boost brain power. I always feel like I get something out of reading, even if the book is not particularly well written. In fact, sometimes those are great learning tools for me as a writer. Learning what not to write is as important as learning what to write.

So, how can you improve your brain power?

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.