Conte’s Pasta: The Family Business is Great Food

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(This is a sponsored post – Conte’s Pasta has sponsored me for Blogher ’12. )
In 1970, Angela Conte came to the U.S.A from Italy with her husband and three sons. They arrived in New York and moved to the suburb of Boston, MA. Angela Conte was an avid watcher of her mother and grandmother and she learned well the passion of creating fresh pasta. At a very young age, she spent many hours in the kitchen learning how to build semolina flour into fresh pasta dough.
Many days, the grownup Angela, she would make pasta for her family and her neighbors as well. It was at that time that the idea for a business was born. In 1975 when her family moved to Vineland, New Jersey she would often make pasta for the neighbors, and her family. Then in 1978, Conte’s Pasta opened its doors.
First the restaurant opened and customers were in love with the fresh pasta dishes. Then came the demand for more. Customers were always asking for the same fresh pasta to take home. The family made the choice to evolve into a pasta company and Conte’s Pasta has been feeding the masses ever since.
Conte’s Pasta boasts a big line of gluten free products now in response to the healthy living climate that drives consumers today. Gluten free pasta and pierogies are available and have had a good deal of success. Also available: gluten free Mezza Luna cheese ravioli and gluten free Mezza Luna spinach and cheese ravioli. Gluten free gnocchi and stuffed shells are also available as the line continues to grow.
Now the full line of pastas and sauces are available at supermarkets in many cities. The Conte’s Pasta site has a location finder, so you can plug in the city where you live and find out where to buy. Their pizza is available to resellers and what’s even more remarkable is their line of microwaveable gluten free meals. Cheese lasagna that is gluten free is a huge hit. The family business is now run by son Mike who still holds the family tradition to very high standards. All products are very much still the collaboration of a family that is dedicated to great quality food.
Angela’s recipe box section of the site provides full details on the right way to cook pasta, ravioli and sauces. 
With the growing number of dishes and gluten free products Conte’s Pasta is now providing, it will be tasty to see where this company ends up in the next decade. One thing is for sure, each new product lovingly crafted by her family will still be as good as the first dish she ever served at the family restaurant.

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