Cooking With Kids: French Toast

Hi again! Every Thursday here at thriftymommastips.com, we are in the kitchen spending time with the kids. So visit one of my older Cooking With Kids posts to see what you can make with the children. It’s a great way to learn so many things. Building a recipe together gives children a sense of pride in their food and their nutrition habits. As well it helps teach math, reading, mneasurement…oh so many skills. My youngest, with special needs, loves the physical input of cracking, mixing and blending. Then we get to eat. What could be better?

Ainsley asks me almost every day for French toast. We make it maybe once a week. It’s easy and a great variation of the standard breakfast meal here.
So depending on how many are eating measure accordingly. We used three pieces of Dempster’s bread for three people at home today. Two eggs are enough for us. One tsp of margarine and 1/3 cup of water. (We can use milk for these recipes and butter. But this is our dairy free variation. We like dairy free options.
Start with the bread.
Melt margarine in a skillet on medium.
Mix eggs and water well. (Add cinnamon if you wish)
Dip bread in, one by one, and coat thoroughly.
Transfer bread to the skillet.
Cook or fry for about 5 minutes, put heat up a bit higher than medium and flip the toast half way through. Perfect! Eat with ketchup or syrup. Our family is divided – half like ketchup and half swear ketchup should never ever be placed near French toast. For them, only syrup will do. My kids are now old enough to do most of this themselves. That really makes them happy. Independence is heady for an eight-year-old. (I hover to check that she doesn’t burn herself and make sure she washes hands at appropriate intervals.) Happy Cooking!

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