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Hi fabulous readers and parents looking for fun ways to hang out in the kitchen with your kids. So my oldest child went to her aunt’s house for the weekend, and while there she made even more yummy recipes. See, it really is fun for all the kids in your life to get involved in cooking in the kitchen. There is so much to learn there and so many memorable experiences to be had. Making fun hands on experiences out of food preparation helps our children grow interested in what they eat, it also helps to learn about health and nutrition. Daughter number one made a fabulous chocolate swirl cheesecake with cousin Jonah and she also baked an apple crumble. I know she loves to sample what she cooks. Nothing wrong with that. Don’t we all?

Two weeks ago my youngest child had a friend over and we made pizzas together. They were delicious and daughter’s friend was so excited when I asked her to help make the pizzas you might have thought that Phineas and Ferb were coming to join us for dinner. This is also an easy and affordable home birthday party meal idea.

So here we go. This is so simple and fun really. Pizzas are something I recall making from a  really young age too. Start with ready made pizza crusts. There are so many brands available it is easy to find one. (I like whole wheat versions) You can substitute flat bread, just be careful moving it around because it is flimsy. Or you can also do these on English Muffins. Yummy. That’s how we did them as children. They are delicious on the muffins.

We started with the crusts in packages of two with the packet of sauce.
I handed both girls a pizza crust and had them slather the pizza sauce on.
Then I gave one the choice of white or cheddar cheese and handed her a grater and a bowl. (My kids love to grate cheese. They will grate it onto anything.)
Next up: the toppings.
The sky is the limit.
We added fressh sliced mushrooms on one side because only the adults here like mushrooms.
We ripped up some salami
I ripped up some ham
And the girls crumbled some bacon that I had saved earlier in the week from a pasta dish we make with crumbled bacon on top.
You can add onions or various other cheeses.
I voted for green peppers but neither child wanted that on their pizza.
Get creative with your combinations if you want.
A fun thing to do for us is to put the unbaked crusts out in front of the kids (I keep saying girls because I have girls, but boys like to cook too.)
Place in middle of a table or counter and put out all the toppings in individual bowls. Then operate a lazy susan style system.
Then let them decorate their own just like it is a cake, or cupcake or whatever fun thing they like.
Most kids love pizza so then slide into oven to bake for about 12 – 14 minutes on 400 to 425 degrees.
Serve warm. Maybe add some garlic bread to make it magic!
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