Cooking With Kids Linky – What’s On This Week?

 Well beautiful people it is Thursday and you know that means I am cooking with my kids in the kitchen.

So what is on the agenda this week? Lemon Meringue Pie. That’s right, eldest daughter and I had a great time baking a pie. We started with a pie shell (store bought and then Shiriff Lemon Pie mix) and then we made one of my favourite desserts of all time.

My dolly loves lemon meringue pie as much as I do and frankly she had a sick day – you know one of those sick days that starts coughing hacking and feverish and then ends up by noon looking fine and bored. So we put our energy into the kitchen.

Link up if you cooked anything this week with your kids. Link up old posts. I don’t care, let’s talk about how we get our kids learning and having fun in the kitchen.

Now I have to say that this is one work of art! Look at that meringue. This is the pie I used to make with my own Mom all the time when I was a kid. But never, ever, did it turn out once like this. Not even on the same planet. Ours was always a big flat meringue without any life. No peaks. Now I gotta tell you for me to tell my daughter that the pie we made together was the best one I have ever seen in our family. Well huge boost to her self esteem. 🙂
The trick to this recipe is always separating the egg yolk from the white. Even the slightest mix of egg and yolk messes it up. And beat that meringue stiff.
For this recipe:
Buy a box of Shiriff pie filling
2/3 cup of sugar
50 mls flour
50 mls cornstarch
5-10 mls lemon rind
75 mls lemon juice
2 eggs
15 mls butter or margarine
500 mls of water.
In a sauce pan combine flour, lemon juice,lemon rind, sugar and starch, add the water, stir and then  add 2 beaten egg yolks until hot and thick.
Then add the butter, stir and pour into the pie shell.
Let cool, then prep the meringue
Beat two egg whites adding sugar slowly. Beat until stiff then spread on the pie. Refrigerate.
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