My Home Office Chair #WordlessWednesday

This is the chair that awaits guests in my office.
It was discovered by my good friend Margarita Ibbott, who has an eye for these things. I think I need her back here again to help redo some of the other rooms in this house actually. She is a fellow blogger and a professional organizer, but she has a lot of style and an eye for colours too. So, when it is time to get some new furniture for the living room I am likely to call on her for her input and even if I don’t, she is likely to find a way to help. It is possible there could be a chair or two involved in the living room makeover. They won’t be like this one at all, I am sure.
The chair that is so incredibly inviting and cute was an afterthought really. I was considering a ghost chair, or one you could pull up to the other side of my desk if needed. But this one caught Margarita’s eye and of course it was on sale too. She was actually out shopping on her own that day at Urban Barn in south London when she called me to say I needed to drop everything and run to Urban Barn. Urgent shopping drama.
So that’s the story of my chair.
My office chair is rarely empty. Why is that? Because it is so cute and comfy that my husband and kids are often seated in it talking to me. That’s not what I intended it for, but I guess it works.
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