Dark Parables Computer Games: The Little Mermaid and The Purple Tide

Dark Parables computer games

I spent a large part of last weekend trapped on an island in Crete investigating the mysterious appearance of an underwater castle. Well, at least it seemed that way since I was completely absorbed in Big Fish games latest computer game Dark Parables: The Little Mermaid and the Purple Tide. Anyone familiar with the Dark Parables computer games series will look forward to playing this one as well. This game starts with the premise of The Little Mermaid fairy tale and uses that as a jumping off point for a journey beneath the Mediterranean sea to solve several puzzles and mysteries in order to eventually reveal the secret of the purple tide and the strange King that roams the halls of the mysterious underwater castle.

Dark Parables: The Little Mermaid and The Purple Tide is part of the Dark Parables series. In this latest instalment of the series, you search for items in over 20 hidden object scenes. Each puzzle solved reveals a new treasure trove of objects that unlock new rooms inside the sunken kingdom. You can earn special achievements during this adventure. But watch out for the creepy giant menacing fish that threatens to consume everything in its path.

I found some of the challenges harder than others throughout the game and enjoyed the story itself. The Map provides reference point for returning to rooms where you are not yet able to unlock all of the achievements. This story is visually appealing and fun. I wouldn’t recommend for anyone under eight to ten years old as I think it would be too frustrating. There is no adult content here and it is simple enough to follow the instructions and reach the goals.

Dark Parables 2
The island where you land. See the mermaid trapped by the rocks? Complete some specific tasks to unlock ability to move her.

Become Master of the Tides, unlock the parables and discover the secret of Prasino’s mad king. There is bonus content here too. You can play a bonus game to reveal the secret of Prasino’s mad king to his son BlueBeard. Dark Parables computer games: The Little Mermaid and The Purple Tide is a lot of fun and would be a great diversion for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

This game is available by Big Fish Games for Mac and PC only. It is by Eipix Entertainment.

You can download here – Dark Parables (PC) – http://bigfi.sh/1ElPq7R

Dark Parables (MAC) – http://bigfi.sh/1tUYMoj

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