Do a Christmas Scavenger Hunt This Year

I declare it time for a fun Christmas Scavenger Hunt!

Ainsley’s Gymboree Christmas dress was Payton’s originally.

Alrighty, so we all know that this year has been a lot. And the holidays, birthdays and such have all been done just a little bit differently. So, you might be looking for ways to occupy the kids and amuse others during the holidays while maintaining a bit of social distancing.

Bring on a Christmas Scavenger Hunt!

That’s why I am sharing some more fun Christmas activities for families. This Christmas Scavenger Hunt is just adorable.

You could however play these games virtually or with friends via Face time. Or you might just share this Christmas Scavenger Hunt with your kids.

What’s Your Plan for Christmas?

No idea whether we will be able to travel yet or not this season but I am forever hopeful that ski season will resume, even if slightly modified and maybe even just locally in Ontario. That will make my year actually. As long as I can ski after all of this I will be fine.

Christmas is a great time to get outside and have some fun too. Make a snowman, go for a toboggan ride, strap a pair of skates or skis on and have fun! If at all possible, I will be tubing and skiing. I will be praying mean time, that we all stay safe and that the border opens up and things are safe again soon.

I can’t wait until we are able to head to Vermont with my family again.

That’s my happy place. A ski hill, mountain or resort. I love Christmas and frankly all of the joy that buying presents and sharing them with someone special entails. But, like a lot of you, I’d much rather have experiences than spend huge amounts on gifts.

My Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy my Christmas Scavenger Hunt and don’t miss all of the other amazing Christmas printables here to do and share.

Check out my Pinterest board for free printables and activities that you can do with your family right now! I have a free printables board on Pinterest with hundreds of great games and printables to enjoy.

FYI, these are our favourite pencils for all the fun word games and scavenger hunts here.

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