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10 Ways You Can Cherish Your Children While They Are Still Growing Up

The relationship between a child and parent is priceless. Children mean the world to their parents and time is short when they are small. I don’t know any parents who don’t worry about about their child, at every age and stage.

Parents worry endlessly about the day to day activities and whether kids are getting enough attention, nutrition and stimulation.

There are so many things that you want to teach your children while they are growing up. Sometimes it feels like a race against the clock. But often you need to remind yourself that there are numerous chances to teach and reteach lessons and you have a minimum of 18 years to make an impact before they move out and off to college or university. It’s also important to take time to cherish your children all along the way.

Childhood passes quickly.

Ten Common Sense and Easy Ways to Cherish Your Children

Show Your Care and Love

Around here we say I love you all the time. It is an easy thing to say throughout the day. My kids know they are loved and that it’s okay to give and receive love. This is important to their growth and to their mental health as well.

Spending quality time with your child makes an impact. Get down on the floor and take part in easy play activities when they are small. Give them cuddles and hugs as often as possible, when they are receptive. Take walks together. Read together and remember to encourage their curiosity.

When my kids were small we spent a lot of time reading together. Sometimes we still do actually. This is a great way to cherish your children.


Teach them Manners and Good Habits

Habits and manners are, of course, two important things to introduce to your children, which will help them to develop into a strong and empathetic human being who others want to be around.


When they are very young it is easy to start modelling please and thank you and showing them by example. Habits are formed over time as we know, so remember that it takes time for little ones to grow into kind and caring adults with good habits. Every family is a little bit different in that regard, but if you want your child to respectfully address adults with Mr and Mrs. then rehearse that and with repetition they will get it. Eventually some of this will also translate into responsibility.

Enjoy and Have Fun Together

Start enjoying every moment and be a part of their play; this method will help your child to stay happy and healthy. Happiness is key to becoming fit & healthy. 

Join them in their dancing, singing, and playing parts; this will help you both to experience a beloved moment with your child. You should also opt for options like helping them in making drawings and doing paintings.

Create a Fun Environment

Creating an appropriate and affectionate environment for them goes beyond just decorating a room, or buying toys.

Sometimes a pet helps build a loving family environment. Maybe that’s a dog or a cat or a small pet like a guinea pig. Many pets have special bonds with children.

You might want to celebrate that bond with a personalized pet gift like a pillow or canvas. Hang some posters or hang up dog portraits on their bedroom wall, which will create a positive environment for your children.

Read Together

Creating a story session will be very helpful to the education segment of your child. Tell each other a story daily. When they are pre-literate just talking to them and reading from books out loud is enough. It is also prime bonding time. In order to help my children learn how to read we used to read with my daughter on my lap and my finger would trace under the words to show her what place we are at in the book. I genuinely believe that helped her to see the words and begin sounding them out as a reader.

This will enhance your child’s creative thinking skills.

Avoid Gadgets When Possible

Keep gadgets from coming in between you and your child. Avoid checking your mobile phones when reading or interacting with your child. Though gadgets also have their advantages, they have disadvantages too. So, you should make them understand that you are giving them your full attention. I know that is hard a lot of the time, especially these days. But be sure to carve out many moments during the day where you set gadgets down and model responsible use of technology.

Encourage Your Child

Encourage your child to pursue their hobbies and interests, which will help them to bloom. This also has the goal of encouraging self esteem. They might also learn something new and interesting.

Take Action if You Find Them Unhappy

No child is happy 24/7. If unhappiness persists, then you might want to consult a doctor about possible mental health issues. If they are moody, irritable or overly worried they might have a bigger mental health issue.

If their irritability is temporary and seems like it will pass, then do what you can to help them get through it. Whenever you find them unhappy, try to be a bit of a detective and figure out the exact reason for their sadness, then find a way to help bring happiness back to your child’s face.

Healthy Food

Ensure that your child is getting proper nutrients. Make a meal plan for your child and then use it. Tweak it as needed to add local fresh foods.

Kids Thrive on Routine

Most kids thrive when they know what to expect. Schedules and routines are very important to help with that. Follow a regular bedtime and a consistent wake up routine too. This helps most kids. Plus kids need sleep to grow into healthy youth and young adults.

Childhood Goes Fast

Kids grow almost overnight sometimes. Take time to stop and check in and be mindful of where you are as a family. Remember to take some time to cherish your children and your family should respond accordingly.

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