Earth Day Every Day with these Great Books

Every year, people around the globe celebrate Earth Day. On this day, people often reflect on the environment, what’s happening to it, and how they can make a difference. It’s also a day all about loving the planet and remembering that it’s home to some of the most amazing creatures and places.

All that is wonderful, but I think it would be so much better if we had the planet on our mind all the time. I’d love it if every day were Earth Day. That’s why I’m excited about these two Earth Day books I got for the kids from DK. They’re all about the cool, crazy things in the world and how people can protect them.


To me, raising kids who are respectful of their environment and conscious of the choices we make, is important. School is great at instilling this attitude in our kids right now. And at home I choose to model and talk about what we are doing as family to change our habits. I also believe in providing books and resources that help them understand.

So this April I am revisiting our library and adding more Earth Day books to it.

What’s Weird on Earth

This book is chock full of facts about our planet. With everything from wind patterns to how rubber duckies helped trace ocean currents, this book is filled to capacity with wonderful weirdness of earth. It’s the kind of book that really holds a child’s attention.

Geography, history, STEM concepts, sociology, reading, technology, and more come together in this exciting and educational atlas that presents the world’s weirdest facts visually on maps. See hidden underground waterways and ancient patterns carved in desert sand. Learn how 29,000 rubber duckies helped scientists trace ocean currents after a shipwreck. See where lightning strikes the most on Earth, and where it never strikes at all. See maps from previous centuries to understand how people perceive the planet thousands of years ago. Planet Earth will never seem the same again.


What’s Really Happening to Our Planet

This book offers a real, honest look at the planet and how we as humans effect. It uses scientific data and an approachable style to help both kids and adults understand the impact of human beings on the planet and how we can help reduce our strain on the planet.

Based on unmatched scientific data, What’s Really Happening to Our Planet? brings together major areas of public concern, such as deforestation, climate change, water shortages, and inequality. Easy-to-reference charts and infographics illustrate key findings, while clear, jargon-free text explains the science behind the figures. In addition to charting global trends and showing how they are connected, this book articulates how we can live more sustainably in the future.

Every Day is Earth Day When You Know the Facts

I love DK Canada. They make incredibly rich educational books for kids. I’ve always tried to teach my kids how important our planet is and how important it is for us to take care of it. These two Earth Day books help to underscore both of those ideas. What’s Weird on Earth showcases all the most interesting things about our planet, and What’s Really Happening to Our Planet shows us just how damaging humans can be, yet also showing us how we can stop the damage.

I highly encourage every parent to pick up these two books and make every day Earth Day. I received product in exchange for consideration here. My opinion is all my own and it s also truthful.

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