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East Park Golf and Waterpark

East Park

Thriftymommastips decided to take her family for a holiday weekend adventure at a nearby waterpark in London, known as East Park, 1275 Hamilton Road.

While the weather Saturday was lovely and the waterslides excellent the adventure was not inexpensive, so be forewarned.

East Park offers many different packages and many different activities but for the holiday weekend a special family of four for $50 deal was advertised in the newspaper. The deal caught my eye and we figured we’d give the waterslides a whirl. Now it should be noted that we had no complaints and spent all day at the park thoroughly enjoying the slides, the children’s water park area and daring husband even braved the bullet waterslide which plummets straight down and is more than a bit terrifying. But the deal advertised included water park area only. So we sprang for a top up that allowed our children to play inside the climbing gym and on the bumper cars. That was an extra $20. Add to that a picnic lunch, we brought ourselves, and $5 spent on the indoor games and we topped out at close to $100 for the day. Now considering that the week prior to that we had an excellent time at African Lion Safari for very close to the same cost and East Park is definitely a bit overpriced. Go karts are also available.

Children like my youngest are able to ride two waterslides, called the tower, but must be a certain height to ride the tube slide as water at the bottom of the pool is deeper. Too bad really, as I tested them both out and occasionally rode faster on the tower than I did travelling down the excellent tube slide.

Birthday parties are in full swing at the park on weekends and space certainly is limited. Water park opens at noon and McDonald’s has been giving out two for one water park coupons to be redeemed Monday to Friday only. My eldest daughter Payton had her birthday party at East Park one year and it was an excellent deal that I recommend for ages six and up.

Thriftymommastips rating $$$ out of $$$$$

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