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Energy Bits Review

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Several weeks ago I heard about these energybits on twitter and was interested. I am forever trying to stay on top of this thing called 40, and those of you who know me well know I may not be super coordinated, but I make up for that in ambition and good intentions. So I exercise a lot and I am open to trying new routines, exercise programs and nutrition ideas. So I gave these algae bits a shot to see what they might add to my routine.
Let me just start with a small disclaimer: energybits will probably not be for everyone and I am not a doctor or medical practitioner of any sort. That said, I exercise a lot and I have kids and need energy. These did no harm to my stomach, which can be super sensitive, so that is a positive. They also are not to be confused with those frightening energy drinks that people consume with reckless abandon. These contain no chemicals.
These tiny tablets are made from algae, which is a food source. They are tasteless, really and they are also food, not a supplement. Algae has been used by tens of millions of people in Asia for over 50 years. Olympic athletes and astronauts eat algae regularly. I had no experience with algae prior to taking these. Did I note a huge difference in my energy level? Not really. But I only had one batch. And I ate them cautiously because I didn’t want to eat the entire batch and potentially have a reaction of any sort.
The  interesting thing here is that about 30 of these little tabs are to be taken a day. So one full container a day. Algae may very well be the next wonder food or super food in North America. These energybits can be swallowed or chewed, but they are extremely dark green in colour and may stain teeth if you chew. One gram of algae has the nutrition of 1,000 grams of fruits and vegetables. Energybits are for energy, skinny bits and recoverybits are also sold by the same company. I would happily give the recoverybits a try. They are 100 % organically grown chlorella algae and are intended to prevent colds. Skinnybits are one ingredient only and they contain protein to give enough energy required for one full day (30 tabs). All of these Energy Bits contain no sugar, caffeine, or chemicals and no calories either.
For more information about Energybits, skinnybits, or recoverybits visit their site:
I received a full size sample of Energy Bits product in order to facilitate review. My opinion is all my own. 

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