Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac – Modern Amenities in an Old World Castle

Nestled inside the walls of Old Quebec lies the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. Originally a castle, this stunning building is now one of the most luxurious, memorable hotels in Canada. I stayed at Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac while I attended the Women in Travel Summit being held there, and I can say without a doubt that it was one of the most scenic and luxurious hotels I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting.

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac Perfectly Combines Old World and Modern Day

The Fairmont began as a castle, and as such, it has some unique rooms, which I find charming. It recently underwent a multimillion-dollar renovation, and it shows. Thanks to the recent revamp, the hotel has all the modern luxuries I’ve come to expect on my travels as well as that wonderful touch of the past that makes places like this so alluring to a traveler like me. Boasting stunning views of both the Lawrence River and the architecture of the Old Fortified City, the Fairmont sweeps you away to a time long forgotten while keeping your feet firmly planted in the modern day.


Comfort and Style in Equal Measure

With 611 guestrooms, the hotel is massive, but not intimidating. In fact, staying there felt peaceful and relaxing, especially when I took in the amazing view from the indoor swimming pool. The rooms are well-appointed and clean with appropriate furnishings and colours. I was in awe of the architecture of this hotel from the moment I saw its exterior. But to be honest most of Quebec City is like that.

As I made my way through the lobby and then on to my room, The Fairmont continued to impress me with its attention to detail. Our room held two double beds and it was cozy. There was a TV entertainment centre with Keurig and a small business nook. The view was the best part of this room. Beds were fine and I slept well because the castle itself is quiet.

View from the sixth floor room.

The lobby was big and open with beautiful wood on the walls and gorgeous hanging lights that gave a feel of old world comfort in these modern days. In fact, all the rooms are like that. From the wine and cheese bar to the dining room and the guestrooms themselves, everything is beautiful as per the standard Fairmont level of style and service. The guest rooms offered a more modern feel without being cold or uninviting, and the indoor pool and fitness center were both incredibly well-maintained and up to date.

View from the indoor pool and hot tub.

The Perfect Conference Destination

WITS couldn’t have picked a better destination for their conference. With plenty of space, I never felt cramped. In fact, it was a nice change of pace staying in such a well known historic chateau during a conference. This was not your standard conference by any stretch of the imagination.

A Commitment to Doing Its Part

Perhaps one of the most impressive modern touches of the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac is its green initiative and commitment to staying local. Their culinary team creates some great food. The conference served local regional dishes that were really good. Some scrumptious thin breakfast maple crepes that I have every time I am in Quebec were my favourite. We last had them at Fairmont Montebello last year on a press trip through the Laurentians and the year prior when traveling with family. Hashtag YUM.


The hotel is also committed to helping grow their own boreal forest, maintaining the beauty of the surrounding area. Request a room with a view, unless you are in a suite, which might not have that option.


Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac Has Its Own Special Flair

I love the unique vibe of the hotel. It has a resident dog named Daphne, a retired working dog, who is super chill and gorgeous. The hotel also has access to many tours in the lobby, offering guests a chance to experience everything the area has to offer. When combined with the hotel’s flawless marriage of old and new world, it makes for an atmosphere that I’ve never experienced in a hotel before, and I doubt I ever will again.


Note – watch out for the swinging doors at front of the entryway. Don’t dawdle in them or you will be hit by the person walking behind you. The halls are long and winding and you can easily get your exercise in walking the hallways or head to the fitness area or pool.


Quebec City is amazing and beautiful and it is built for walking. Traffic is minimal on the narrow city streets inside the walled old Quebec area. So explore to your heart’s content. Shopping is nearby and dozens of great restaurants as well as churches. Take the Funiculaire up and down to the lower city if you want. $3 a person. It’s a must try just to say you have done it.

Statue in lobby near elevators

The Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac was amazing, and I can’t wait to get back there again. With modernized five star rooms and an old world flair, the Fairmont is unique in its atmosphere and presentation. If you’re traveling to the area, I highly suggest it as your hotel.

We had one small issue with room cleaning and that was remedied quick after a call to front desk. That was my only service issue.

A Few More Facts:

The Fairmont just celebrated its 125th anniversary.

There are beehives on the roof as part of its commitment to protecting the environment

Take a tour of the Fairmont for a fee.

This beautiful location was the backdrop for dozens of movies from Catch Me If You Can – with Leo DiCaprio to an Alfred Hitchcock movie as well.

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