Fairway Solitaire Blast

Fairway Solitaire Blast Release #FSBlast

Fairway Solitaire Blast is the perfect app for your card loving friend or family member.

I have a card shark in my house. One of my daughters loves cards and she has from the time she was little. It’s freakish to watch actually. She’s like a little card savant. Card games are relaxing for her and she’s incredibly good at them. Even Go Fish is a competitive event in our house. It’s comical, in fact, how often she beats everyone in this house at games like War, Snap, Go Fish. Crazy Eights is another favourite and Old Maid too.

So when I found Fairway Solitaire Blast I knew this was the game for her.

A New Take on Solitaire

Fairway Solitaire Blast is a bit different. It is, by its nature, a game played with just one person on line, or in real life. But the parts of the game with numbers and cards really appeal to her. My husband also loves solitaire. Who doesn’t love a game of solitaire on line? Pretty much everyone has played it at one time or another.

Hard to believe that Solitaire can be improved upon, or that cards can be made exciting on line when turned into an App, but Big Fish Inc. has done just that. Fairway Solitaire is the highest grossing Solitaire game in the App store. And out of that success comes: Fairway Solitaire Blast.

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Fairway Solitaire Blast is an explosive new game by Big Fish. It takes the biggest selling Solitaire game on line and torques it up a notch. Fairway Solitaire Blast has a tiny Caddyshack homage at the start of the game which pits the gophers against the humans and suddenly cards are everywhere. Clear the Fairway and save the day kind of thing. The game is addictive and kind of hypnotic. Once you get started it’s hard to put your iPhone down.

Kicking it Up

If Fairway Solitaire is solitaire with a kick, then Fairway Solitaire Blast is a kick in the pants. In a good way. Recommended for ages four and up, this game is wholesome. No swearing or violence. Just power ups and challenging levels of play with golf and cards. I had no worries letting my daughter play this one while supervised. She is 10 now so she gets a bit more independence and these games can keep her occupied while challenging her brain and also sometimes stimulating just the right centre of activity so that she is also relatively calm. Now that’s saying something.

In fact, I do still supervise my kids when gaming because there are potential in app purchases in Fairway Solitaire Blast and I don’t want either of my girls spending my money without my permission. So I keep a close eye on them.

Blast is optimized for iPhone 5. It’s compatible with iPhones and iPads. In Blast, players use over the top power ups to clear cards and complete challenges. You can also compete against friends and climb the leader board. You can download Fairway Solitaire Blast here. Also from Big Fish is Midnight Castle, reviewed here last month. 


Key facts:

  • Fairway Solitaire Blast is available in English, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, French, and Japanese.
  • It launched today. It’s the card/arcade genre of games and it will be a hit with card lovers of all ages (as it already is here.)
  • Requires iOs 6.0 or later.
  • And it’s Free. (there are in APP purchases)
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