Spring Fever: Nerf Rebelle and Nerf Bash Ball – Review

Bye Bye Winter. It’s Hurricane season. Hurricane Ainsley season that is.

Spring fever has hit hard here – FINALLY.


I am not complaining. It was a long snowy, cold winter and we are still not entirely free of the season. There is still frost on the rooftops here most mornings and it’s April 1st! But the first hint of spring in our area of Ontario, Canada and my kids were racing outside knocking on doors in our new neighbourhood trying to make new friends. New Nerf toys like Nerf Rebelle helped start new friendships.


We moved into our new home in the middle of the messiest winter month ever and we are still negotiating the new neighbourhood, getting to know the area. We are active throughout the winter, but our activity as a family takes a different shape in January than it does in May. In the winter months we expend our energy at the YMCA and in the various children’s activities they have scheduled.


So, now that the snow is melting, the winter coats are off and the kids are exploring, sometimes staying out until dark, having a fantastic time making new friends. And our routines are changing a bit. Spring means it’s okay to skip lessons once in awhile and run or walk outside instead.

Now the end of the day routine looks like this: race in the door after school, drop backpack, empty lunch bag and, in a blur, the kids are out the door. First goes Hurricane Ainsley off to whip up a game or two with her new friends. Typically Payton, saunters outside after.

Last night as they got in from school the Fedex lady appeared with a box marked Hasbro Toys.

Cue the music. My daughter ripped the box open in a frenzy and spent much of the night playing with the Nerf Rebelle Star Shot and the Nerf Bash Ball.

First, let me just say that Nerf Rebelle is a toy I coveted the second I tried it at Blogher last summer. I refuse to allow guns in my house, but my youngest has always wanted one. She asks for them often. This Rebelle toy fulfills her need to play out that dramatic kind of creative play without me compromising my own parenting philosophy. Plus it’s fun.


We already have a couple of Nerf Rebelle toys. One of the kids got some for Christmas. The Nerf Rebelle Star Shot goes together easily. My 10-year-old put it together following simple instructions and she hung it outside. Star Shot takes two triple A batteries because there is a targeting light on it. It also comes with a target you can hang or prop up. This would be totally safe for indoors as the darts themselves are soft spongey foam with suction cups that work. Did you catch that, moms and dads? The suction cups actually stick to the target. Astonishing!!

The only issue I had with Nerf Rebelle is that my kids fought over it. It’s hard to share a toy that’s so much fun. We have several of this line. I love each new addition to Nerf Rebelle line. I find it fun to use, even at my age. The kids enjoy that they can be pretend archers and kick butt heroines of their own imaginary scenarios.

And The Bash Ball

Nerf Bash Ball is a spongey ball that has holes in it. You can grip it easily, kick it, whip it, slam it. It’s another reincarnation of a ball. But you can’t go wrong with a ball really. Everyone loves a ball. Everyone. There’s so much you can do with a ball and so many games. This is a great spring toy and a great birthday party gift. It’s soft foam so it really shouldn’t hurt if you get caught by the person kicking it at you. Both of these toys are a hoot and perfect for summer. The Nerf Bash Ball is recommended for anyone over the age of five and Nerf Rebelle is eight and up. Nerf makes products that are fun and that inspire activity and creativity and I love that as a parent.


Nerf Rebelle gets $$$$$ out of $$$$$.

Nerf Rebelle The Divergent Series Allegiant Training Kit

Nerf Bash Ball gets $$$$ out of $$$$$.

Nerf Sports Bash Ball, Blue

Disclosure: I received product and was under no obligation to review it. I enjoyed these toys and so did my kids. Your opinion may differ. This post may contain affiliate links as a service to readers. My opinion is all my own.

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