Falling off the Fitness Bandwagon – An Update

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Right now I am beating myself up. Why? Because I’ve had a lazy summer in terms of fitness routines. I am, in fact, pretty mad at the blogger butt I have developed over the summer. Or should I say pissed at self for allowing blogger butt to creep in, or out, if I want to be accurate about it.
So what happened? Work has been plentiful. The summer has been filled with great travel opportunities and I have a few brand new clients that have the adrenaline flowing here already. I started the summer strong. Remember this?  I Ran 1.5 K. I had goals. But that didn’t last. We had a brief hot spell that meant running outdoors was lunacy. I should have taken that indoors and run on a track or a treadmill just to keep up the momentum. But I didn’t.
The kids have been around a lot and I have travelled with them often this summer. I did Blogher in California and that meant time away. It also meant a week of workout time vanished.
We have made the most of our summer days together despite the rainy disappointing weather.
But I haven’t made it to the gym since early July. That was not a planned break. Instead it was a life got in the way break.
I had great intentions at the start of the summer to keep the workouts going. But they did not. Then I rationalized – well if I jump in the pool and do laps that counts as much as core work, right? So I did hop in, when at home and I swam as often as I could. I can feel that although my swimming improved and I enjoyed the time outdoors, my body is losing some of the flexibility, balance, strength and muscle definition I had back in February. Ironically, even when I had the greatest number of client accounts ever at Thrifty Mom Media, and was in the middle of a full fledged house move, I was more motivated than ever to get out the door to my scheduled workout.
I haven’t even mentioned the summer eating habits that have easily taken on a certain laziness as well. I know I have treated myself to more glasses of wine and bowls of potato chips than I should have this summer. I know also that barbecue and pool party snacks probably undo all the good I am trying to do when I jump in the pool to swim laps.
And so here I sit typing, with a glass of white zinfandel thinking, what am I going to do about this? What will my fitness routine look like in the fall? Can I get back on track? How soon can I fix this? I am disappointed in myself and mad because I know how hard I have worked the last couple of years to build strength and balance and core. I don’t know how long it will take me to get back into the groove, but I am committed to trying.
Have you ever fallen off the fitness bandwagon? What did you do about it?

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.

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