Fashion Angels Introduce New Spring Craft Kits for Tweens and Teens #TMMSG17

Fashion Angels is a company I’ve written about several times. If you’ve read any of those posts, you know I’m in love with the brand. This company is all about wholesome fun, and as a mom, I really love that. When I look at what constitutes entertainment these days, I’m glad that there’s a company like Fashion Angels out there that provides my girls with an outlet that lets them be creative.

The only person who loves Fashion Angels more than me, is my youngest daughter. So when I heard that the company had released a new line of spring craft kits for tweens and teens, I was super excited.


Fashion Angels Spring Craft Kits Harness Creativity

These new spring craft kits are not only a ton of fun, they are SUPER cute. Cute factor is a major must with me and my girls, and these new kits have that is spades. From their I Smell portfolio to their Sequin Patch Kit, they are focused squarely on super cute fun that appeals to young girls and the young girl in all of us!


I Smell Compact Portfolio

This portfolio includes 30 sketch sheets and 100 Smelly Stickers for tweens to create all the delicious smelling foods that their minds can conjure up.


I Stink Compact Portfolio

Designed more for kids who love stinky humor, the I Stink Compact Portfolio features 30 sketch books and 100 Smelly Stickers to make fun and foul artwork. This one makes me laugh. I can’t look a it without giggling. Stinky rats and poop emojis come to mind.


Pin Design Kit

Let your kids’ inner designer shine with this Pin Design Kit from Fashion Angels. This kit includes 18 pin shapes, 18 pin backs, 8 paint colors, 1 sheet of double sided foam adhesive strips, and instructions. The only limit kids have is their imaginations. We had a lot of fun with this one on the recent PA day here. (PA day is when kids are off school and teachers stay to enhance their learning.) I cracked this kit open and we all LOVED it.

My only caveat with that kit would be – make sure to close the paints tight after your kids. Also invest in high quality glue too. The stickers work, but not if your kids fidget with the pins a lot. My girls like to move and remove their pins and backpack decorations. So go get some glue to make these last.


Sequin Patch Kit

My daughter’s current obsession, the Sequin Patch Kit makes it easy to add some blinged out fun to clothing and items. The kit includes 8 no-sew patches, 9 colors of sequin strands, glue, and instructions. LOVE!!!

Fashion Angels are on Instagram and Facebook as @FashionAngelsent.

Fashion Angels are also on twitter as @FashionAngels


Fashion Angels is Heaven for Young Crafters

My daughter is currently in crafty Heaven with these new spring craft kits from Fashion Angels. If you have a crafty tween in your life, I encourage you to head over to the Fashion Angels website to see all the great crafty items they have to offer, including their new spring line. They are also available at many major retailers from Justice to Walmart. These are my tween picks for Easter, spring and summer birthdays too. For that reason they make my gift guide this year.

I received product for purposes of sharing here. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. 

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  • Jeanine

    My girls are REALLY big into crafts and pretty much anything they can be really creative with! This looks like it would be tons of fun for them!

  • Paula Parker

    Wow, these are great. Would make a super Easter gift. 18 pinbacks will keep your tween busy and away from the phone. Hopefully. Good find!

  • Chasity L Boatman

    How fun! This reminds me of the sort of crafts that my friends and I would do at sleepover parties in the 90s. Oh the nostalgia!

  • Kiwi

    Why cant I be a teen. So many fun activities for them to do and creative. I was a creative tween and I would gravitate towards the pin kit!

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    I am always looking for new craft ideas to do with my kids. They would love these craft kits. I will have to check out Fashion Angels.

  • Our Family World

    These are all great suggestions for spring activities for the children. My niece is the really crafty one and I know she’d love the pin design kit. Thanks for the tip of getting some glue too. I am positive that my niece would have loads of fun with this!

  • Ali Rost

    These look like so much fun. I remember the days when my daughter was that age and we’d spend hours doing crafts together. I’ll pass along your post to her as ideas for my grandchildren. Thank-you for the memory and making me smile!

  • Censie Sawyer

    My kids are a bit younger but we do love crafts in our house. I wonder if there are options for younger kids? We will certainly be doing this when the kiddos are older if not. So fun!