Get Featured in Thrifty Mommas Tips Spring Gift Guide 2017 #TMMSG17

For the first year ever I am publishing a Spring gift guide. I often publish a Christmas gift guide, but this season spring is knocking my socks off. Numerous great products have already caught my eye and I want to share them here. Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors. Spring is Easter and birthday parties and eventually even longer days that lead to summer. It’s fun family gatherings and bike rides and hikes and spring gifts too.


Many of the products featured here this spring, are quirky, creative and new. They make great presents for any number of occasions. BUT I like a few of these specifically as candy-free alternatives for Easter baskets.

For my readers – stay tuned because there might also be some great giveaways contained here in the next few weeks. And for sure there will be some amazing chances to preview fun new items in the Spring Gift Guide -and the best part is you don’t have to go far to find out more.

For marketers: Here’s what you need to know.

  • All items must be family friendly. 
  • There will always be posts featuring tech content allowed here. We are a gadget savvy family.
  • I have 2 teens.
  • I will not share guns or violent video games, because I don’t allow them in my home.
  • Please be familiar with my blog before you pitch. Thanks!
  • My name is Paula and I appreciate brands and agencies that read my posts often. I am not really in need of rooms filled with toys BUT I enjoy sharing the newest creative and educational toys of the season.
  • Product minimums can be seen above here – on this 2016 Holiday Gift Guide Page and costs are here as well. That’s right I’m still offering 2016 pricing or product limits to appear in the spring gift guide.
I am planning to build my gift guide, and I reserve the right to refuse product always. If you send through any products without emailing first or sending information regarding the item, I may not include the item as I won’t necessarily know what you were intending when you sent the product through to me. Always best to check first by email – inkscrblr@rogers.com

Get your products featured now, and reach millions of impressions weekly. Posts are shared across social platforms, which means they reach a wide audience throughout North America. And most content remains here for a minimum of one year.

Happy Spring!

So how do you get your product featured?

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